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Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life

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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Get a little doggie

You have to befriend Carter, the man who works at the dig site. He likes food. Sometimes if you go up there, you will see a yellow thing. Go up to it and zoom in with Z . He will give it to you, but you must give him food almost everyday.

How to get ducks

Go to Takakura and purchase a pond for 2,500 G during the first year. Then, wait until you get married. Make sure you have room in your chicken coop. Use your sickle and make a two square long path going in a plus side pattern from the fence to the pond. Make sure it remains cut. Eventually your wife will wake you up, telling you that there are ducks in the pond. Ducks will go into your pond sometime in the Summer of any year, but you must have room in your Chicken Coop. Note: Do not purchase a duck pond in Year 2 or above. You must buy it in Year 1.

Get a goat

Starting in the second year, you can buy a goat from Van. It will give milk once per day for a full season, then it will stop. You can sell the goat milk for 115 G or make goat cheese and butter. The goat cheese and butter sell for 155 G and 150 G. However, you cannot sell the goat.

Get a lizard

To get a lizard you must befriend Mukumuku. To do this, give the giant white monster a fish and watch as he jumps up and down.

Wake animals

To wake up your animals whenever you want, just push them from their head until they turn around. The animal should awaken after it turns.

Chinese checkers mini-game

If you enter Kassey's house when one of them is there you can sometimes play a mini game that is similar to Chinese checkers.

Teddy bear

In chapter 3 sometime in summer, go to van and he will have a bear for sale and you can have it put in your room.

Tombstone washer mini-game

In Chapter 2, go to Nina's grave at 6:30 a.m. and talk to Garen. You can play the tombstone washer mini game.


Walk into Takakura's house 5:00 to 10:00. You must be friends with him and he must be in there. Tartan is a talking plant.

Where to fish Nyamame

Up by the waterfall.

Where to fish Huchep

Directly across from the dig site, in the stream.

Where to fish Smelt

At the spring by the sprite\'s tree or down stream.

Where to fish Colombo

Either the spring or the pond down by the fake turtle, or down stream.