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Don't water the grass ever.

posted by tiloho (OSHKOSH, WI) Jan 10, 2013

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This game starts out rather slow but picks up speed after about a month of game time. Before long there isn't enough time in the day to do everything you want to. Try to ship 30 yams and potatoes in the 1rst spring and fall because they are requirements in the town restoration plans. I had to wait an extra year because I didn't ship enough potatoes. It's also a good idea to save everything you can until you need them(branches, bottles etc.) because you will need them for some of the blueprints. You should also save one of each of the herbs and other plants so you can make seeds once you have makers. Once you have all 3 areas of your farm open you can have up to 3 barns/coops but only one pet barn. If you have a dog/cat you can select them from the barn menu and ask them to help with either the livestock or the chickens so it's a good idea to have at least 2(you're only allow a total of 4 pets and one horse, the horse lives in the livestock barn). Raise your quality of flowers so you can make high quality perfume and get high quality honey/royal jelly but the hives are abandoned for the winter and have to be refilled the next spring so it's a good idea to save bees as well. This game has so many things to do and things to focus on it could have unlimitted replay value, at least until the new one comes out.

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Feels Incredibly Dumbed-Down, and Slow..

posted by theG0LDENteap0t (MIDDLETOWN, PA) Nov 29, 2014

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I love the Harvest Moon series, but, compared to the other games, this one feels incredibly slow, and overly dumbed-down; like they were creating it for babies..
I do like that you can create your own character, though, instead of being forced to play with a pre-made.

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Just Not the Same

posted by Wulf (COHASSET, MN) May 1, 2013

Member since May 2013

I was really hoping this would be similar to the SNES or N64 games, but it's not even close. Most of the tutorials in this game are unskipable. Sometimes they give you the option to skip them, but I don't know why they didn't do it for all of them. The fields where you can plant are predetermined sections of land that have 8 tillable tiles per section. It's like 4 or 9 tiles from SNES or N64 games put together to form 1 tile. This makes it feel less like you are farming and more like you are gardening. They heavily pad the game with days of nothing before you are able to do anything, heavily emphasizing running through the woods catching bugs. It feels like they took the worst aspects of Harvest Moon and made a different game out of just those, which is sad, because Harvest Moon was a great game on SNES/N64. All the 2D versions of Harvest Moon seem to be the better ones.

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