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Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

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I hear Harry Potter is popular these days...

posted by JCDenton (FREEDOM, NH) Jan 22, 2009

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EA grabbed hold of the Harry Potter license and insisted on making a real game out of it. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (originally launched on the PC two years prior to the Xbox version) takes the concept of an action adventure title and puts in into Hogwarts.
Now, at first, you might feel the game is akin to Zelda and it shares some similarities with that prestigious series. You gain spells and increase your health as you progress, enabling you to unlock new things, even in areas you've already visited.
However, I found many similarities (oddly) to Bully. Again, you're in a school, taking classes to learn new things and making mischief when the school day ends. At night, prefects roam the grounds to punish curfew violators.
You will likely be impressed that EA tried to do anything decent with the game considering the words "Harry Potter" would automatically rack up sales. But, the game works surprisingly well. There's lots of places to explore and things to collect. It even captures the spirit of the series.
But all is not well with the boy wizard. The camera is very stubborn, contact sensitive surfaces often won't register and the stealth elements are aggravating. One other bad design decision is noticeable during boss battles. If you die, you'll come back with half a health bar, while your enemy is fully healed. This leads to near impossible circumstances toward the end. That brings up another problem worth noting: your health. You'll pick up cakes and pasties that restore small amounts throughout the game and have a potion in your inventory you can refill at cauldrons to restore a full bar. But at no time does the game completely refill your health, not even after you rest for the night. Even though I had six health bars by the end of the game, I never had half of them full. This is just strange, since even Zelda gave you plenty of options and opportunities to fill your health.
Still, a licensed game worth trying is rare, and this is one of them.

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EA really messes Up another Game

posted by upsetgamer (PLAINVILLE, KS) Aug 28, 2007

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Well thanks to EA another game that could have been a great game turns into a Horrible game. You might ask why i say this , well heres the Main reason the Programers at EA took it opon themselves to come up with one of the Worest control schemes in gaming history
Take for example the fights with The Vemon Plant, first you have to get right next to it just to be able to traget the Parts you need to traget and then if that wasent bad enough to traget something you have to hold down on the Right Trigger and then you have to hope it doesnt hit you or spit its Venom at you which by the way can curve so it will hit you 90% of the time. If you ask me the Programers that came up the the controlls for this game should be fired and never be alolowed to Progrma so much as a VCR. I seriously doubt that the Programers at EA ever even Look at a finished game let alone play them because if they did they would never come up with controls like that, I sugesst that you dont rent and for sure Not Buy this game the best thing that could be done with this game is to destroy every copy of it and Never Allow EA to make another game that isnt a Sports game they seem to do those Fairly well

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