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Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

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the worst harry potter game

posted by eddiegf (BELLEFONTE, PA) Dec 1, 2009

Member since Dec 2007

It started out great and easy then it got harder and harder by the minute so I sent it back and I would not like viewers to buy or rent.

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Above Average

This is a fun game, but is not perfect

posted by poke4597 (ATLANTA, GA) Jun 13, 2009

Member since Apr 2009

I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan, so I love all of the games. But I am trying to write an unbiased review here, so, here goes.

Graphics:6/10-The graphics are nice and cute. The game is relatively colorful, and I think the spells look nice. The graphics are quite good for a Nintendo Gamecube video game.

Gameplay:6/10-I think that the gameplay of the game is pretty fun, if not only a tiny bit repetitive. I love earning new spells through challenges and adventures and such. Hogwarts is nice looking and a joy to explore, so all of the fetching and finding tasks never really bothered me.

Story:7/10-Most of the game is pretty true to the book and/or the movie. I like how many of the in-book/movie events were turned into challenges or adventures for Harry to partake in.

Multiplayer:N/A-The game has no multiplayer mode.

Length/Replay Value/Difficulty:6/10-The game is rather short, taking only slightly longer than 5 and a half hours for me. But I did not search through the game for secrets, so if I had, it probably would have taken me a while longer to complete. There are some challenging spots and puzzles in the game that may take a few extra minutes than usual to complete. But there are not too many of these to make the game overly hard.

Final Score:6.5/10-Pretty Good-This game is fun and entertaining, but there is room for improvement. For example, there could be fewer repetitive "Spell Challenges". There could also be more duels and battles to shake the game up just a little bit. All in all, the game is fun to play, and I think it is worth your rent.

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Cheap movie-to-game

posted by Hrothgar (ASTORIA, OR) Jul 28, 2007

Member since Jul 2007

This game is a major disappointment for anyone who expected the game to have more original book content than the movie. The game follows an even more deformed story, with ridiculous content like Hagrid's beautiful garden and only one quidditch game. The gameplay and core mechanics are decent, but the repetitive exploration of the castle every game-day makes the game really feel like attending school.

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