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Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

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EA's Programmers do it again

posted by upsetgamer (PLAINVILLE, KS) Jul 16, 2007

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Well this is just another example of the poor programing at EA, bosses that are next to impossible to defeat and why is that well because you have only one way of defeating them and even if you know whatyou need to do it is impossible to do them because your not given enough of a chance, Take the Knight Boss after getting the Carpe Retracto Spell The first part pulling the sheild off and Killing the creatures under isnt to bad but then you have to some how pull the helmet off cant be done not by a Normal Human anyway you have to avoid the swords the bombs he shoots out of his head and then you have to be right in front of him so you cant cast Retracto on his Head but first you have to be lucky enough to actually get the game to lock onto his head and if you manage all that you dont have time to do anything else because as Soon as you even start to cast the spell it moves knocking you down taking at least one thrid of your health. I will never understand why Programers think that gamers think is so much fun to have to fight enemies that only one time out of a Billion tries can you actually defeat them to me and probably most gamers out there thats not fun at all So while I am a Big Harry Potter Fan this game didnt excite me at all after playing to the Knight point and trying to get by the Boss Knight at least 100 times Im seriously thinking about just sending this game back Very very very very Poorly done game thanks to the Brain Dead Morons they call Programers at EA

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