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Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Calling other characters

If anybody is falling behind, press L1 to call them.

Seeing ahead

When you get Expecto Patronum for Harry, fire the spell in any direction and use it as a guide for seeing what is ahead.

Easy items

Switch to Ron and search book shelves. You will find dungbombs potions and beans

Character special abilities

Each character (Harry, Ron, and Hermione) has a special ability. Use Ron to find hidden passages. Use Harry to jump long gaps. Use Hermione to crawl under small spaces. This is useful when getting spellbooks or escaping Trolls and Prefects.

Hidden Collectors Cards

Using Hermione, go to every fireplace around the school, including the Gryffindor common room fireplace, and use the Glacius spell on them. By doing this, a Famous Witches or Wizards card will appear. Also using Hermione, purchase the Snufflifores Spellbook at Fred and Georges shop for 50 Beans. Using this spell, you can turn flying books into mice, which will run away into a mouse hole located within that room. When the mouse enters the hole, either a rare card or Bertie Bott's Beans will appear.

Hippogriff on the Final Day

Even though Buckbeak flew away with Sirius there will be a new Hippogriff by Hagrid's hut. This one is orange and its name is unknown.

Hippogriff limitations

The Hippogriffs only let Harry and Hermione ride on them. They will attack Ron if he tries.

Buckbeak's Execution

When you are on your way out to Hagrid\'s hut before Buckbeaks execution and you have to sneak through the North Wing if you don\'t have enough dungbombs to distract the trolls use Hermione\'s Glacius spell to distract the trolls when you hit the troll it will roar and become distracted so run around and you should get through easily you need a little stealth though.

Buckbeak's Execution

Hide Harry and Ron in places that the trolls in Buckbeak's execution, and you can hit the trolls and send them running at you so you can easily run through. By doing this, the trolls only run to the spot the it was fired at from. You must hide yourself once you hit them.

How to beat the fire armor

When fighting the fire armor thing when you just got Glacius, to avoid the shooting fire rocks when he opens up, stay directly in the middle. You should be able to avoid almost all of them.

How to beat the Ghoul

On the "Neville And The Ghoul" level, after you have completed all of the tasks and have opened the chamber, light Lumos Duo in its eyes. Then, lead it into the chamber to lock it in.