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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

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Go Fetch or Da Do Run Run Run

posted by BelugaBleu (COLORADO SPRINGS, CO) Jun 29, 2007

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Having played a portion of the Wii version and completed the DS version, let me scream it loud and proud...DO NOT BOTHER WITH THE DS RENDITION! This game is an utter disappointment. Long spats of endless running. No chance to search on your own - an arrow tells you where to go at all times, thus no intrigue or stealth value. There is no feeling of quest or sense of accomplishment. The mini-games are cute/fun the first couple of times, but the repetitious spellcasting becomes about as exciting as needle point the zillionth time you are forced to stab at the DS. As one acquires the items strewn about, pictures from the film are revealed. Again, the longwinded searches are inexcusable. Where is the fun? Humor? Darkness? This game fails miserably on all levels. The advertising for this game is woefully misleading "flying on thestrals" entails watching it...not participating. The duels are repetitive and, not to spoil, but the final battle has no variation when getting to "play as Sirius" or "play as Dumbledore". Truly, there is no point in getting to play as other characters because there is NO change from duel to duel. Yawn. In summation - rent the other versions. The DS version is a bitter pill.

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Run run run fight run run run spell run run. Run

posted by Gamechick (Fresno, CA) Dec 29, 2007

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Alright, I've always been a big fan of Harry Potter whether it be book or movie. The games have always managed to hold my interest though (favorite being POA for PS2). So when I got my DS for Christmas, along with this game, I was pretty happy.

Not to far into the game though, I was ready to quit.

You use the arrow keys to move around and the stick thing to cast spells. There are a lot of glitches in the games movement though, Hermione and Ron constantly follow you around, getting in your way. You have to enter certain areas again and again before the next scene will be triggered.

The graphics are pretty decent. Nothing spectacular but their not an eye sore.

The plot is probably what I'm most disappointed in. It seems to try and cover both the book and the movie and just ends up failing. If you are unfamiliar with the series or have only watched the movie once, you'll probably end up lost. Although it covers some major parts (such as Mr. Weasleys attack, detention with snape..) they leave out explanations and such and sometimes the characters just snap and you have no idea why.

Magic and Battle
The magic system as probably the only thing I liked. You draw a symbol on the touch screen and then do a little mini game to activate the spell. The battles are slow and almost impossible to lose. Normally their three on three yet only person can attack per turn on either side.

All and all I give the game a 3.0 and advice you not to even bother with it.

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posted by kay2002 (NEW ORLEANS, LA) Mar 2, 2010

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I didn't really like this game. in the game Harry and his friends spend way too much time running around to get where ever they are going. and the tasks start to get very repetitive.

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