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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire


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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Shrieking Shack

When you are fighting the dementors at the shrieking shack, try to keep them as far from you as possible. Just being near you makes you lose life.

Carpe Retractum

For advanced spell casters, when you are pressing the Analog-stick in the desired direction, wiggle it around that point. You will find that your Carpe Retractum spell will be faster at pulling. The best place to try this is the Prefect's Bathroom.

Avifors Jinx

Flip your enemy onto its back and have a team member use Wingardium Leviosa. Charge up a Jinx until it is so full that it releases automatically. The beams should turn out black with dark blue lining.

Orbis Jinx

This is a very handy jinx that does automatic kills on smaller enemies (for example, Dugbogs, Salamanders, etc.) Follow the same procedure as the Avifors jinx except do not flip your enemy. No beams should appear but your character should point their wand and yell "Orbis!". There will be a blue ball around the enemy and it will spin. After about two seconds of spinning, the enemy will disappear.


When you defeat a monster, it turns to beans. Hold down the accio spell button and you will get all of them at once.


When you need the shield to the right of the starting place, use Wingardiun Leviosa on the stone block and take it to the original starting place. Go to the right and place it. REMEMBER: The block must be under the shield or it will not work.

Easy beans in Prefect's bathroom

There are many beans in this level. Almost all statues have around twelve beans in them. This is the best level to raise your bean count to buy cards. To complete the entire level you will need to know the Herbivicus spell first. REMEMBER: Use Ron because his cards are very expensive and cost more than the others. 

Forbidden Forest Hidden area

When you see the waterfalls, you can jump into the one with flowers in front of it. When you go inside, you will find Wizard cards, a Tri-Wizard shield and Bertie Bots Beans.

How to beat Voldemort

First, Jinx all Voldemort's skeletons. He will cast Abvra Cadabvra and you must move the energy ball over the skeletons. He will then pick up the grim reaper statue and make it float around. Dodge it and on about the third time it is thrown at you, it will get stuck in the ground. Move the energy ball over it, and it will lose a wing. Do this two more times and you will win. 

What's Next

In some cases, the monsters keep on coming no matter how many you kill, so if this happens, you need to look around to see what to do next.

Maximizing Wingardium Leviosa

To maximize Wingardium Leviosa after you get three shields, take the big block you find on the second level of the Forbidden Forest. Take that block everywhere with you on the level. You will eventually maximize the spell. This can also work with almost any other spell.

Refilling energy

If you get a character/friendship card, stand by Ron or Hermione if you are Harry to refill your energy. You can stand by both of your friends to refill it faster.

Faster dragon chase task

Hold R on the first task of the Triwizard Tournament (Dragon Chase) to go faster than normal.