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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2


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GF Rating

Very Good

much better than part 1

posted by discoking (CAMDEN, DE) Feb 11, 2012

Member since Jul 2011

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way better than part 1.

think of this game as an uncharted clone. but much easier.
basically a 3rd person shooter but instead of guns you use wand with different spells.
for example pistol - stupify spell
grenade launcher = confringo
sniper rifle = errmm i forget how to spell it but i think you get the point.

so now just think of it as uncharted get the collectables (uncharted = treasures) beat the game on easy to unlock expert (uncharted=crushing mode) which is made easy by a spell that acts as a type of homing missile to kill your enemies. then get various kills with different spells. aftwards there is a challenge mode. the challenge mode is basically can you beat the levels in a given time. this is also made easier by the game deducting time by doing differnt spells or killing your enemy quickly on some challenges i managed to get the level completed with a time of 0:00:00 because of the dedctions for various kills. i rarely had to try twice (maybe 2-3 levels out of 12) to complete the challenge. alll in all good grapphics, great story, easy controls, fun to play, easy platinum trophy (achieved in two days of playing it.) by the way i dont have move so i played with regular controller.

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GF Rating


Guess what? Harry's a wizard.

posted by Aragorn225 (FREDERICK, MD) Jul 11, 2011

Top Reviewer

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I'll say this before anything else; i didn't expect much. The first Deathly Hallows game wasn't much to chew on and either was this, even IF the developers tried to make a third-person-shooter-esque type gameplay. But i'll break it down for all of you.

Storyline/Gameplay: Well it turns out Harry's adventures are coming to an end and as the series closes up, we play as Harry during the dire days of his seventh year as a wizard. The gameplay isn't much and if you've already read the books, neither is the storyline. I'm hoping the movie isn't this bad. The gameplay pretty much mirrors the last game's style; take cover from enemy attack, pop out, shoot some spell, do little damage... repeat until Death Eater is dead.

Visual/Grapics: I didnt give this game a poor rating 'cuz of its sucky gameplay. Its because of the graphics! (the sound didnt really prove any problem, except in cutscenes where the voice didn't quite match the movement of a character's mouth). Textures and enviroments often felt patched together badly and didn't quite appeal to the eye.

Controls: Very clunky and oddly placed. Although bearable, i think the Developers should've re-mapped a few.

Multiplayer/Online: Ooh so if we collect enough tokens in the Single Player Mode, we can play as Voldemort (Oh no, i said his name! xD). But it doesnt bring any new spells or features to the not-so-bad Multiplayer modes, in fact, its more of a small little easter egg to show to your friends for fun.

Well, here we have it. Enough poorly-done "movie game" that is marred by bad graphics, terrible voice-overs, clunky controls, and many other faults. Believe it or not, all of the Harry Potter games have great potential, like the "Order of the Phoenix" game, which was brilliant. This game fits in with Transformers: Dark of the Moon and many other bargain big titles.

Thank you again, my people, for checking out ARAGORN on GAMEFLY! (And yes, this next bit is nessecary.....)


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GF Rating

Above Average

Wow, Just wow.

posted by xBlaze96x (HILLSBORO, WV) Sep 12, 2011

Member since Sep 2011

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I got this game hoping it would be better then Part 1. While in some ways they have fixed problems, like the spell wheel being replaced by simply clicking the buttons. Other things have seem to have gotten worse. I aiming function is frustating because when you shoot to many times it loses accuracy and the spells go in random directions. The graphics seems to be a bit better then Part 1. I had some difficulties with the characters like playing as Professor McGonagel because she is simply too slow and not anymore powerful then Harry, Ron, or Hermione.

I did enjoy the story and how it plays out. The begins right after Part 1 ends with Harry asking Grimmlock to help him get inside of Gringgotts Bank. After a long and sort of boring fight through you get to a dragon guarding Bellatrix's vault. When you get inside you get betrayed by Grimmlock for some reason that is never explain(probably in the book it is) and you escape on the dragon. The next part of the game is getting through the village of Hogsmeade to Honeydukes and into Hogwarts. You fight so many Death Eaters until you meet Dumbledore's brother Aberforth. He then helps you by letting you use the secret passage into the Room of Requirement where you mean Neville and the rest of Dumbledore's Army. They then are told to go to the Great Hall where Snape addresses them and Harry reveals he is there. A battle then begins between Harry and The Carrows then McGonagel and Snape. Snape escapes and you must get the final Horcruxes hidden in Hogwarts up until you fight Voldemort. You then destroy his snake which is the final horcrux and Voldemorts killing curse rebounds and hit himself. And the day is saved.

The game is a very short one I beat it in like 6 hours or maybe 8 cause I stopped playing for a bit. But all in all this is a sorta bad movie tie in for the franchise. It isn't as good as the old games or the ones before the new two but it isn't as bad as part 1.

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