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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1


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Actually Pretty Good

posted by LxCxSx23 (SPRINGBORO, OH) Apr 28, 2011

Member since Nov 2010

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I don't understand why this is getting bad reviews.

I got the game yesterday and it's not that bad. The only thing I say is flawed is the repetition. Other than that,the game has great graphics,good voice overs,awesome environments,and somewhat tense action during battles. Making Harry Potter a shooter in the case of the final film(s) is actually a good call.

I wouldn't buy this though because the game is probably 4 hours long (it felt right though) and after you beat it, there's isn't a lot to do besides collectibles,challenges,and some Kinect thing (I don't have Kinect) This would be a good rent if you are a Harry Potter fan or if you are in need of something to do. I will surely be looking forward to Part 2.

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GF Rating

Above Average

An Honest Review of a Very Fun Game!

posted by rader8r (YERINGTON, NV) Nov 23, 2010

Member since May 2006

11 out of 19 gamers (58%) found this review helpful

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 was for me, a very nice change of pace when it comes to Harry Potter games. Everyone is so focused on the Kinect aspect of this game, that no one reports on the actual gameplay. So here is my opinion on this game.
The graphics are gorgeous, and the voice acting is spot on. They don't clutter the screen with information displays, so it makes for a pleasant viewing/gameplay area. You have about 10 or so spells to choose from, all done with a quick flick of the rb button, or you can long press it for a choice wheel. Very fluid, and pulling off combos of spells is pretty easy. The game play itself is not without flaws, sometimes when you move right, when you release the thumbstick, you continue to turn right, and sometimes the camera angle betrays you leaving you exposed, only happens just enought to be slightly iritating. The game is pretty challenging, but doesn't actually require a lot of thought, like in previous games. I would compare this game more to something like gears of war, in terms of game play mechanics, which is acutally kind of cool. There are a lot of levels, and side quests, which can be a bit repetative, but are for the most part, pretty challenging. All in all, a good game to rent, but not one to own.
As for the Kinect aspect of this game, sometimes, you have to stop and think, this technology only came out a few weeks ago, and these guys were trying to embrace that technology. Sure it's a rail based mini-game, but it is fun as all get out. Playing alone or with friends, you really feel like your casting spells, the moves (especially defendo) are sometimes not recognized right away, or you have to move in such a way to get it to activate, but for the overall experience, it is awesome, and in my opinion has a high replay value in that regard.
So, in closing, the other people who have reviewed this game, never even bothered to play the real game, and are overly critical of a game that is just fun!

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GF Rating

Really Bad

Soo.....Kinect is just a mini game?

posted by Shawnathan (MUKILTEO, WA) Nov 22, 2010

Member since Jan 2007

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When I heard HP was coming to Kinect, I thought it was brilliant. I was imagining wizard duels with your friends, learning a bunch of new spells, and possibly even having to SAY the spells for them to work. So when HP came in the mail, I was ready to be pleased.

Eerrkkk!!!! Wrong!!!

When you start the game, it gives you the option of doing single game, challenges, settings, and Kinect. When you click on Kinect, you are sent to a repetitive mini game where you run around, and flick your wand at bad guys. You don't get an array of spells though. You have the opportunity to only get TWO spells to choose from in each level.

Did I play the single player? Yes, for like 4 minutes. The beginning of the game proved what the rest would be like. Running around, constantly pressing X to shoot your wand at bad guys, and then go talk to someone.

Just another case of good movie/horrible game. Geez, when was the last good movie/game combo? Seriously, help me out here.

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