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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets


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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Getting to secret areas

If you see any bookcases that you cannot jump to and are thin, approach them and press Square. They should reveal secret places.

Lower bean price

When you ask a student to trade a wizard card and he or she asks you for too many Beans, click on "No" move some steps back and ask again. The quantity of beans will be reduced.

Easy jellybeans

Ok when your in flourish and blotts and you get your book of spells grade two go to all the bookshelves in the store and and icon will appear and it will say search search the bookshelves and jellybeans come out!

Getting Past the Magical Menagerie easily

Go behind a bookcase and lean against it. Go to the end of the bookcase and look round to cast Flipendo. The man will get distracted so you can get the switch more easily.

Easy beans

Get unlimited beans by going out of the griffindor tower and hitting that object with flipendo and get 3 beans then walk round the corner 3 steps past and come back, hit the object, so on and so on.

Easy beans

An easy way to get beans is to go to the corridor by the place where the defense of the dark arts is and you will see a couple of statues just keep shooting at all of them and collect beans you should get 100 beans in no time.

Easy money

When you are in Dragon Ally, go to the bookshop to get your 2nd year book. Then read it. Then go near the joke shop and blast open the barrels. You will get money.

See Mrs. Hooch flinch

Go to the Flying Court and fly near Mrs. Hooch, the flying teacher. Fly as close as you can to her. She will put her broom up in front of her face and try to protect herself from you slamming into her.

How to beat the Giant Spider

To defeat the Giant Spider in the Dark Forest, circle around him and cast Rictosempra. He will not shoot any spider webs at you.

How to beat the Washing Machine

Make sure you dodge it when it moves. When it opens its mouth, keep Flipendoing it. REMEMBER: It only gets hurt when the door is open. Repeat this and it will die down quickly.

How to find the Ghoul book

Go through the tunnel with two star bushes that is near the flying field with Ms. Hooch. Then, fly to the left and you will find a ledge that has the book on it.

How to deduct points from Slytherin

When Hermione changes you into Goyle, go out at night and try to get caught by the Prefects (the people that patrol the halls). When you do, Slytherin will get 5 house points deducted. You may repeat this process a few times, but after awhile this will stop.

Utilizing the transformation spell

Upon acquiring the spell and returning to the main room, use it to get across the room on the other side of the gargoyle. You will need to use the hardly visible ledges to cross. Hang off the wall ledge to escape nearing ghosts, and push down the slabs to make a bridge. Once this is done, you will have to fight the gargoyle. It is recommended that you get on the right staircase, halfway up. Then, use the spell on the last stone and the door will open.

Forbidden Forest spider Tiny Black

Show you the path

Forbidden Forest spider Big Green

Jumpers (jump, run away, and jump again)

Forbidden Forest spider Big Red

Flingers (they spit)

Forbidden Forest spider Big White

Flingers (spit paralyzing venom)

Forbidden Forest spider Big Multicolor

Possible Jumper/Flinger mix.