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Above Average

You get a C for trying, Mr. Potter

posted by JCDenton (FREEDOM, NH) Jan 26, 2009

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It's his second year at Hogwarts and Harry Potter is in mortal danger... again.
Having just played Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, I can see inherent improvements in Chamber of Secrets. But strangely, the game loses some of the appeal of the first. It's an odd case of two steps forward and one step back.
For instance, many of the simple actions have been streamlined and improved. It no longer takes all day to open doors or chests; spells are cast quicker; repetitive dialog has been removed. This, along with improved visuals, makes the presentation much better than the previous game.
However, streamlining can sometimes go awry. Dungeons are far shorter, mostly because collecting shields for better grades has been dropped. It's too bad, because finding shields encouraged players to really explore and return to these levels. But exploration has been cut across the game. On the grounds of Hogwarts, you just move in the direction of Quiddich, the forest, greenhouse, etc. and you'll jump to that area. Forget exploring the fields and ramparts, because you can't. You have a broomstick, but can only land at two locations.
Other things just leave you scratching your head. For instance, ghosts could be eliminated in Sorcerer's Stone, but they're invincible here. The controls have problems determining if you want to run or walk, making jumping imprecise and leaving a wall hug potentially fatal. While you collect beans, every time you get hit, several scatter which makes it difficult to keep any at all (especially with those super ghosts).
So, the game feels better with pacing and presentation, definitely more solid overall. But, by the same token, it loses play time and adventure elements I liked in the first game. So, Mr. Potter gets the same grade this year.
Mind you, I'm still enthusiastic to see what the other installments have in store.

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GF Rating


This is a good game, especially for HP fans

posted by poke4597 (ATLANTA, GA) Jun 13, 2009

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I recently played the first Harry Potter video game, and it was pretty good. I had a try at Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, and liked what I saw.

Graphics:7/10-The graphics on this game are considerably better than the first game, and so is the sound and voice acting. The colors look brighter and everything looks less like clay.

Gameplay:8/10-This game is more fun than its predecessor, but it still has some problems. There is less time in dungeons, which may take some fun out of the game. The game makes up for it though, as the dungeon time is more fun than last time.

Story:6/10-The story is pretty true to the move and book, but is very underdramatized. The attcks on Muggle-borns are extremely under important, and the game doesn't make it seem like what's going on is very important.

Multiplayer:N/A-There is no multiplayer mode in this game.

Length/Replay Value/ Difficulty:7/10-The game is not very long, I was able to beat it (without finding all of its secrets) in just about 6 hours. There are secrets in it that can be found, but it isn't worth playing the game again to find them all. There are not too many very hard challenges, but there are a few that make the game a little more enjoyable.

Final Score:7/10-Good-This is a fun game that has only a few kinks, such as small exploration of the grounds and less dungeon adventure time. Obtaining a broomstick is a nice little improvement from the last game, and it makes exploring the grounds more interesting and entertaining.

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