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Harry Potter: Quidditch World Cup


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Also on:Xbox, GC, GBA
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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

House challenges 1

For the Passing challenge, when a ring turns white, it is about to change to either yellow or green. Use that to see who to shoot it to.

House challenges 2

For the Tackle and Shoot, it is best to tackle as soon as you can. When you shoot, look carefully for an open ring. Hold Shoot (Circle), then launch.

House challenges 3

For the Seeker, hold X until you get close enough. REMEMBER: It may be difficult to steer.

House challenges 4

For the Beaters and Bludgers, the best way to avoid the Bludgers is to stay either ahead of it or to the side of it so the Beaters can whack it away.

House challenges 5

For the Special Moves, use a similar strategy from Tackle and Shoot, except with a Special move.

House challenges 6

For the Combos challenge, hold L1 + R1 down and keep pressing X as fast as possible to do up to eight combos. Watch out for the Keeper.

Better items

To acquire almost anything, you must first collect Quidditch Cards. To unlock the best broomstick, the Firebolt, you must collect 50 Quidditch Cards.

Faster brooms

If you want a really fast broom and play dirty team specials, choose Slytherin. They have Nimbus 2001 brooms and their special gets you 20 points. Japan has Firebolts, but does not have a strong team.