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The never ending dancing/platforming game

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Nov 13, 2011

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Happy Feet 2 – the game – tries to show the power of dance, and penguins. This game follows the plot of the movie: penguins are trapped by a huge mountain of ice and only our heroes can gather up enough penguins, puffins, and elephant seals to break up the ice and set those penguins free.
There are 54 levels featured here. They are split into a few types.
First, you get a dance fight where you have to hit the indicated button at the right time several times over. This takes some time to get used to, but it’s not that hard.
Then, there’s the race where the two leading penguins compete against each other as they make their way through an icy course; these levels can use tighter controls (the penguin I was controlling was floundering all over the screen).
But the vast majority of the levels are platforming levels where you go from point A to point B, shattering some obstacles, moving others, finding penguins, collecting music notes, and building bridges. All the usual fare of a platforming game is on display here.
But this particular game will try players’ patience. The platforming levels are almost all the same and the story move at a very slow pace. Even with to player co-op play, and a vast selection of 19 songs, the repetitive nature of the game might bore many players who wonder when the end of the game will arrive (I know I did.)
And in order to get to the last level, you’ll have to collect a certain number of penguins. If you don’t, you’ll have to go back to the other levels and find the penguins you missed the first time around. It was not fun the first time going through the levels, and going through a second time is even less fun.
Happy Feet 2 might be for those younger players (8-12 years old) who really, really love the movie and really, really love platforming games. The rest of us can just enjoy the movie. SKIP IT.

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posted by dony247 (SAINT LOUIS, MO) Mar 27, 2012

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