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5 years later and still kinda sucks

posted by DispersedMammal (HEALDSBURG, CA) Jul 18, 2014

Member since Jan 2014

Halowars was a bizarre game that shouldn't of have existed in the halo franchise; in my opinion. Halo as a strategy-game would of never slipped my mind as being a good idea. So when they announced that new halo was going to be a strategy-game instead of a shooter I was intrigued, but when it came out I was disappointed to find it lacked in many ways.

The first complaint I have about Halowars is that it has no strategic value as a strategy-game, with Ensemble's Fog-of-War system that doesn't let you see more than what your own units line-of-sight. With Fog-of-War the game just turns into who can field the biggest army the fastest; which is the only way to play multiplayer. Also another gripe I have with this game is when you field a small army the area you have to organize your troops in is to small, so you've got tanks, soldiers, and other miscellaneous units jostling around just for space. So when your fighting-force is on the move it's one big incoherent clusterfuck

There is good side lanced in with the horrific flaws of game. One of the positive traits of the game is that all units can be upgraded with better armor, mobility, and weapons. Another perk in Halowars is that the maps you play on usually have interactive components imbedded within them. These components consist of strong-points, barriers, bridges, supple-depots, generators, and even artillery; which can use in different ways to cripple, lockout, and trap enemy forces. And it being a Halo game it has an outstanding narrative with in-depth, action-packed, and dramatic cut-scenes; which is the only driving force for you to complete the campaign portion of the game.

So to sum-up Halowars. If your looking for a strategy-game to play - your barking up the wrong tree. If your looking for a game with a amazing story-line - by all means go ahead. Also it's been like over 5 years after the game came out; so if you read this cool.

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halo at its finest

posted by mlgpro21 (KENMORE, WA) Jul 17, 2014

Member since Aug 2011

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this game takes you into a world where only the mind can wonder

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Different but 2 times as fun

posted by Shadowstacker7 (DUNDALK, MD) Jan 7, 2014

Member since Jan 2014

This game at first was a complete disaster but I got my buds in and it was amazing my buds who wanted me to play at first grew tired f it we played it so much while story mode is hard play skirmish on legendary still easy. Get this game!!!!!

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