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A should get

posted by blacksonic (HOT SPRINGS NATIONAL PARK, AR) Jun 13, 2009

Member since Dec 2006

10 out of 13 gamers (77%) found this review helpful

I know a lot of people that are big fans of the Halo series but will not play Halo Wars. They think the series should be FPS. I think they are missing out.

The game has a great storyline, showing the original battles between the Covenent and Marines. Speaking of Storyline, you can unlock parts of a timeline going from the beginning of the war to the battle that destroys the Pillar of Autumn.

Now, the gameplay. The game consists of every level or skirmish, building a firebase (A temporary stronghold to place your reign of power in the battlefield) and building up your troops and marching to an enemy base or in the storyline, clearing out enemies to get allies to safety or getting to a certain area to gain more power in the war. All in all, the gameplay is smooth and quick, the battles can last long or short, depending on your troops against their troops.

The controls are layed out extremely well on the controller, each button having it's own role, doing one thing and nothing else. It makes the controls easy to grasp.

The graphics...well, it's breathtaking. It makes you feel like you are watching a real battle from a ship just barely above the troops. The cutscenes are even more so, looking next to real, better then most I've ever seen.

The Spartans in the story mode are near invincible, which most of you think makes the game too easy, but the you usually only get 3-4 spartans during one level, and they will after taking a lot of damage, fall weak, and will have to be revived.

All in all, the game is probably the best RTS game I've played and fits well into the storyline. Now I can't wait for Halo: ODST!

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GF Rating

Very Good

Great for Halo fans, not so for hardcore RTS playe

posted by JZAAAAA (TAMPA, FL) Sep 13, 2009

Member since Apr 2008

17 out of 24 gamers (71%) found this review helpful

I'm not really a hardcore RTS player, only really played Starcraft, but I do love the Halo series. This game was fun to play for the Halo-inspired units, the story was good enough, but the cinematics were excellent. They should've gotten this development studio to do the cinematics for Halo 3, because they were definitely a reward to look forward to every time you beat a level in the campaign. The gameplay is definitely vanilla RTS, but the charm of controlling Halo-inspired units should be enough to keep Halo fans satiated, but it's definitely not that deep. Almost every level can be beaten with Warthog recon, then mob the AI with mixed units, and keep using your "unit heal" leader ability.

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GF Rating


A great Console RTS

posted by Tumba1 (SUNRISE, FL) Mar 2, 2009

Member since Jun 2004

36 out of 53 gamers (68%) found this review helpful

You have to hand it to the folks over at Ensemble they did a great job getting an RTS to fit a console control scheme. The Graphics are great, and the aniline replayability factor is wonderful.

I compare it to a game of chess with your friends. You can change your strategy and just like in poker you had better know your opponent and his tendencies so you are best equipped to counter and destroy him.

Ensemble put a lot of love into this title and it shows.

Graphics - 8
Game play - 8
Story - 9 (many people didn't like the story I did
Replable - 9
Campaign - 8

I really enjoyed this title and it is 100% worth a rent if not a purchase!

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