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Exceeded my Expectations

posted by Kemuel (WEST CHESTER, PA) Mar 7, 2009

Member since Jan 2006

-- Confession of a PC gamer --

I really did not think this game was going to be able to hold my attention for more than a few hours. I am a diehard PC gamer and still believe that Microsoft should allow mouse and keyboard connectivity for XB360. I did not think an RTS would be able to translate well on the console and it would be maddening for a PC gamer.

The way that the lack of precision mouse control is comphensated for is through a limited camera angle. You can only zoom out about 1/4-1/6 the amount you are able to on the average PC RTS. This allows you to maintain a good amount of precision because everything is still so big.

The game plays like a slightly stream-lined (some haters would probably say dumbed-down) PC RTS. I believe this actually is quite refreshing, as the gameplay is rather diverse with the UNSC and the Covenant sides and different leaders for each side in multiplayer.

Campaign can be played Solo or Co-op, and mutiplayer can be played up to 3v3 matches on XB Live. These matches are actually quite fun, overall I can give this game a 9 with no second thoughts.

I will not say this game will compete with the likes of Starcraft... I am just saying it is well worth playing, Gamefly it!

Thanks for reading!

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posted by freeskier9 (LONGMONT, CO) Mar 6, 2009

Member since Mar 2009

At first I wanted to play this game for the story because I am a fan of the other Halo games and books. As I played the campaign I realized that it was basically the same story line as the book so that turned me off, I stopped playing it. What I did like was skirmish, I played it non stop. I ended up enjoying it much more then I thought. Its very exciting to find out all the upgrades you can get and how many different strategies you can come up with. The maps are also very well made, all though there are some big annoyances.

The first thing that really bugged me was the population limit. I realize that you need a population limit, but the limit set know is ridiculous. As UNSC you start out with a population limit of 30 and you can upgrade it to 40 max. With the covenant you start at 40 and can upgrade to 50 max. When you are playing on any level then easy it nearly impossible to keep enough troops to protect your base and go out and fight. It needs to be made to where you can continue to upgrade the population limit to say 100. Granted when you buy marines there are 4-5 people in the squad but to still make them use full you need at least 5 squads. Then some vehicles require more men, like a vulture takes up 6 of your pop. Due to this I was stuck on easy but easy was way to easy. When playing 3v3 your allies did nothing and the enemy took 30 min to attack. I could wipe out 3 allies with one small army. Even when you play normal your allies still do nothing. All they do is make supply pads and leave their bases vulnerable. They make not vehicles and only make marines and a couple other stuff. Then you have the covenant, they are way to power full. When I played as them you can make a base with two shield generators and it would take hours for the enemy just to take the shields down. Also when playing against the covenant your allies don't do anything while your enemies are building two scarabs.

All in all its fun, for a little bit, but would not buy it.

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GF Rating


Halo Wars

posted by Bulldozzr (Goldthwaite, TX) Mar 6, 2009

Member since Mar 2009

This is a Top Notch game. If you loved or even just liked Halo 1 2 or 3,and love real time strategy games such as starcraft. This is your game. The graphics are stunning as a Halo game should be. Great story line with amazing cut scenes and level intros. Game play is sharp user friendly but still has the depth a true game will enjoy. The game is insanely addictive and fun. Took me 2 nights to conquer but is well worth replaying again and again. Bump Halo Wars to the top of your Q you wont be disappointed

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