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GF Rating


This is a great RTS game!

posted by MaxEnd (COVINA, CA) Mar 10, 2009

Member since Aug 2006

This game was made as an RTS which means it is not a first person shooter! That is fair warning.
As RTS games go this is a great one for a console and hopefully other games follow this example. However, if your a huge RTS fan on the PC then this game may not give you the same feeling. It is not as in depth as PC RTS games are!
But just like other Halo games this one shines more on multiplayer. Once you go through campaign your pretty much done with that. The mutiplayer adds to its replay value, so if you dont have Xbox Live then this is diffently a rentel for you.

(1 low 10 High)
In-game: 9
Cut-scences: 10 (amazing!)
Story: 8
Controls: 9
Replay: 8

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RTS Game, not FPS

posted by dude923 (MILLBURY, MA) Mar 10, 2009

Member since Aug 2007

You should already know this is an RTS game, but seems some don't. I have never played an RTS game before, so here goes: I was not very impressed at all with this game. Can only build on specific locations, limits on how many troups, vehicles and aircraft you can have at 1 time. I realize this is probably for the benefit of the graphics card, but it is so tiring to try to build another tank when it tells me I'm at my limit, which I believe is a limit on vehicles, so be careful which ones you build.
Overall I found the game fun, but very short. Remember, never played one of these before, so started on easy, which was a joke, as it took me just a few hours to finish, next tried normal which gave some challenges, but nothing more exciting.
I'd suggest renting this game first before buying as this isn't something I'd consider owning... too short, not enough options, just got boring, fell short of expectations

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GF Rating

Very Good

Halo Wars!!! you don't play as Master Chief

posted by QuadNine (AUSTIN, TX) Mar 8, 2009

Member since Jan 2008

Everyones first inclination when putting this game in is "Sweet another Halo game I cant wait to be Master Chief!!" uhhhhh no.. This is a RTS game or Real Time Strategy much like World at war and Command and Conquer. This game is definatly worth the rent but not to buy unless your a huge fan of halo AND RTS titles. Yes their is a lot of replay value but only for fans of the RTS. With that said I give you the rundown..

Very VERY detailed environments aswell as all the Halo related Units are built to spec and highly detailed.

All the units move exactly like they do in Halo. Their was a few hickups when commanding your troops like when telling tanks to move it looks like friday evening rush hour with everyone bumping into each other.

Yes they brought the orchestra back for this title. No theirs no gothic singers in this one (snaps fingers) but the music does do a nice job of complimenting the action. The explosions sound good but they lack the bass hit that I know and love from command and conquer titles

Replay Value- 7
yes you do want to put the game back in a couple a times. The skull system is back yet again to annoy the poo outta you. Unfortunatly their is little to unlock here except halo lore so fans rejoice. As for the rest of us good luck with concept art and game skulls.....

YES their is Co-op gameplay!! The Co-op is what really makes this title shine. Granted you dont need a friend to help you through the missions but it helps greatly. From the ability to transfer units and money to your friend to the ability to actually see what your teammate is looking at this is definatly a title to tell your homie about.

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