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Very Good

Please read.

posted by slayer3 (REDDING, CA) Apr 16, 2013

Member since Jan 2010

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First of all, if you've read any of the negative reviews, you've probably realized that the majority of them come from young children who obviously rented/bought the game after no more than glancing at the cover. So ignore those.

Anyways, what people tend to not realize at first is, this is NOT a first-person shooter.

It is a third-person strategy game, in which you will create/command units, customize your base(s), etc.

There are two different game modes, Campaign and Skirmish. Skirmish is pretty much a custom battle, and I'm pretty sure I don't have to tell you what the campaign is like.

- Decent Graphics
- Addictive gameplay
- Hours of fun for strategy game fans
- Slow-Pased gameplay at times
- Limited customization in terms of bases

So is it worth renting? Absolutely, If you're a fan of strategy games.

Is it worth buying? Rent it first, then see if you wan't to buy it.

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Great game! Full of potential.

posted by Waagh1337 (NIAGARA FALLS, NY) Mar 7, 2009

Member since Dec 2008

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The game feels like a blast to the past. It plays very similarly to games like Starcraft and the original C&C's.

It is also one of the few actually functional RTS games on the Xbox 360. The control scheme is precise and not overly complicated.

The game is said to be shallow compared to most of the RTS games released on PC. Well, that makes sense, considering the limitations of a funtional control scheme on a xbox controller, and the graphics power of the xbox. If you look at halo fans, most of them are generally FPS fans, and RTS is a new genre to them. Anything too complicated would only scare them away.

1. Great control scheme
2. Amazing visual design and animations of the units
3. Based on a well known and epic universe of Halo
4. Campaign is decent lengthed and very appropriately epic
5. Good introduction to RTS for all the FPS players who just like to shoot stuff
6. Ensemble already made DLC for this game before they shut down. Expect a third playable faction (Flood), and many more updates

1. Compared to PC RTS games, it's shallow. But for a functional console RTS, it's pretty good
2. The online is pretty barebones. Very functional and no lag at all, but still barebones. It'll probably be updated soon
3. For now, there's only 2 factions, and a handful of maps. Expect DLC to be released soon

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Definitely get it

posted by seanh550 (HOUSTON, TX) Mar 4, 2009

Member since Dec 2008

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This game, while not the most sophisticated or innovative RTS game, is a heck of a lot of fun. It has recieved a lot of criticism (efiin Gamespot) but i'm telling you that anyone but the most hardcore RTS fan wouldn't find any problem with Halo Wars' simplicity. In fact, I think the simplicity of Halo Wars is the one thing that sets it apart from the rest of the console RTS games we've seen. For the most part, RTS games have failed to deliver on consoles because of complicated control schemes trying to deliver detailed gameplay like what is seen on a PC RTS. Ensemble recognized that problem, and set out to create a game that would be easy to play, with simple controls, and still make it fun. They succeeded.
Halo Wars has its weaknesses, i'll say that much. I'm not really a fan of the campaign; the missions sometimes feel generic and simply thrown together onto a (surprisingly) good storyline. In short, the shallow missions don't do the story of the campaign justice.
The place where Halo Wars really shines, i'm finding out, is the multiplayer. I played my first online game today, a 2v2 battle. I played as professor Anders, and my ally chose UNSC as well. We used a strategy that seemed to be the complete opposite of that of our enemy. They rushed us with waves upon waves of attacks while we built strong defenses and let our economy flourish before unleashing super-upgraded units on them. We obliterated them, as i trained 6 vultures and my ally sent in a few spartans and enough tanks and marines to fill the screen. In short, it was epic. And that was just one short game. It was far from boring, and i can see myself playing for a long time in the future.
Halo Wars in no way revolutionizes the entire RTS genre; there's really nothing to it that you've never seen before (except for the fact that it's Halo-based units and environments) However, if you're looking to get into the RTS genre, there's no better way to do it than by playing Halo Wars.

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