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this will be a legend game for 100's of years

posted by reviewerer (DUTCH FLAT, CA) Sep 19, 2010

Member since Nov 2009

if i was 2 give you a summary, i whold say it is the best game in the universe.


new weapons are good:10/10

fun campain:10/10

mutiplayer awesomeness:10/10

forge mode:100/10


new firefight cosmazayion:100/100

apilites 4 your charter:10000/10

their best weapon is probally the plasma launcher (sticky grenade launcher). The cool thing in forge mode is that you can make objects float in midair. in the campiaign you can drive forklifts falcons revants and even find a fuel rod-shootin shade turret! there are also new types of grunts. thy have gone back to health packs again. thy have taken off hornets but dont worry the falcon is 1000 times better when you know how to fly it and elites and bruts are aginst you.

the rest is smaller things but i hope this gets people "off the fence".

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posted by djzbasebol (GRAND RAPIDS, MI) Sep 18, 2010

Member since Apr 2009

Only 1 problem
a bit choppy between levels

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Campaign Review... Firefight is perfected, btw.

posted by aeontide (CINCINNATI, OH) Sep 17, 2010

Member since Jul 2010

The campaign is, as promised, essentially non-stop action. You will clear rooms of dozens of enemies, fighting considerably greater numbers of elites (and later, brutes) per skirmish as well. Indeed, the battles certainly fall short of the full-scale bloodbath many professional reviews claim they were playing through, but that's simply the consequence of their reviewer nature. The increase in general difficulty is nearly negligible especially when adding a friend; it seems more appropriate to say that there are certain (but few) situations in which you will find it hard to keep your controller in one piece, while playing solo on legendary.

Armor upgrades seemed neat at first, but despite looking as if they could mean getting a greater grenade capacity (max of 2 each), or more ammo... no, aesthetics only. This won't really add to the replay appeal for most people.

The environments are gorgeous, especially for Halo which never seems to use fully up-to-date graphics engines, and for once, ears on characters don't look like totally garbage design. Framerate is good even in the most action-filled moments, but there are several cutscenes in which character models lag and superimpose frames, creating distracting blur effects. The music is well done as well, with the exception of a song with a constant beeping noise, that is incredibly annoying. Voice acting for the vast majority of characters is well done, but there are certainly a few bad eggs (Marine commander calling for help in the second mission stands out). Kat is nearly impossible to understand: "Carter!" will have you ducking thinking she's yelled "Snipers" or "Hunters."

The story is definitely polished, well executed, believable, and literally does take you to the first moments of the original Halo. One team member makes it off Reach alive, but you never learn what happens to him after he departs--you know he made it based on the appearance of another character in the previous titles that he escorts.

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