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posted by ZOMBIEKING117 (AKRON, OH) Dec 25, 2012

Member since Aug 2011

5 out of 11 gamers (45%) found this review helpful

It's okay I guess, Forge is a step down. NO forge world just small maps to forge on. NO simple menus they have to be over complicated or just pointless. NO online pass which is a great thing so renters and pre-owned buyers can play online without forking 20 bucks over for online play, yay! NO free time to do things in campaign do to many many many random enemies, like in halo 3 or reach or 2 or 1 or even ODST where you can look for interesting easter eggs and bugs which was fun; I guess you can put it on a lower difficulty and spend about ten minutes fighting enemies but would you do that or would you just be like forget it and run past them? Online okay but not as good as reach's. Also, apparently 343 industries likes to "borrow" things from Call of Duty; Spartan ops REALLY!? Also spartan points (really?) and weapons seem like they come or were based on CoD weapons. I Love Cod but keep my Halo and Cod separate please! Plus if you thought Cortana was a nuisance in the other games well apparently she doesn't ever shut up, ever. It's online is very very good but somewhat bad, trying to mix halo reach with with halo 3's online is not a good idea. armor, emblems, and even weapons for your load outs are what you will be doing unlike halo reach where you either buy it or have it already unlocked for you. all in all it's okay I guess

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Best halo yet.

posted by sethson (PUEBLO, CO) Nov 10, 2012

Member since Oct 2010

5 out of 11 gamers (45%) found this review helpful

At first, I was not to happy with halo being taken on bye another company. But when playing this game, I could only point out the improvements.

The Good
- The graphics are some of the best on consoles yet. I was wowed when first seeing requiem.
- The gameplay is just as good as playing multiplayer in Halo 3 or the campaign. The controls are the easiest to get used to, and the game plays flawlessly.
- The campaign is very well done. For being a short game, it is one of the best ones yet. By far the most emotional. You get attached to the characters and you learn that the man in the suit is still human deep down.
- The AI in the game actually seem like they have a brain. They know how to shoot and take cover and use the environment to their advantage.

The meh
- The multiplayer modes are alright. There isn't that much of an option and they got rid of firefight mode too. But knowing how the past games were, they will add a LOT more to it in the future, that and maps.
-The forge mode is not the best. The controls are not as solid as they were in reach, but the maps are all great for it. I hope in the future they decide to add sandbox and foundry as a "flashback map pack"

The bad
- The 8 y/o's that play the game. I can hardly get in a match without some 8 year old kid yelling into the mic that he got shot by a teammate and then proceeds to start a rampage against the entire team because of it.
-The OVERPOWERED needler. This gun has cost me more lives than any other weapon in campaign. It shoots 5 needles into you and you explode. They are almost impossible to dodge anymore, and MUST be nerfed.\

Overall analysis... 9.5/10 The game is one of the best I have played on xbox, and gives you a breath of fresh air from reach. It is definitely worth the purchase in the end. If you are a FPS gamer, then this is the best game of your choosing.

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GF Rating


A Masterpiece

posted by Jakefiz (PORTLAND, OR) Nov 9, 2012

Member since Mar 2012

5 out of 11 gamers (45%) found this review helpful

343 had a tough act to follow with Bungie, but 343 did everything Bungie did, and went above and beyond. The campaign was so immense, deep, and emotional and you really realize the human behind the armor. The multiplayer is addictive, the forge is jam packed, the graphics are beautiful, and an overall beautiful game.

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