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Love it

posted by Voex (ROPESVILLE, TX) Nov 21, 2012

Member since Nov 2012

now since they merged alot of things from call of duty this game is probaly the best halo installemt ever.!!

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An Ancient Evil Awakens

posted by CptnCommamdo (SAN FERNANDO, CA) Nov 20, 2012

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Member since Sep 2011

Publisher Microsoft Game Studios & Developer 343 Industries present Halo 4, the 4th installment in the Halo Series where John117 aka Master Chief & his A.I. companion Cortana returns to battle an Ancient Evil bent on Vengeance & Annihilation. The game sets you on a crashing course with the Covenant heading towards a giant metal planet called Requiem that was created by The Forerunners & was once their homeworld. Also on hand the UNSC Ship Infinity is headed towards the planet to find the lost ship Forward Unto Dawn & rescue John but things out of hand when The Didact decides to bring in The Covenant & The UNSC to Requiem to witness his accomplishments. Now that the forerunners have returned & with the Didact as their leader he has claimed War against Humanity & claimed that the Forerunners have returned to take back what was once theirs & its up to Master Chief to stop them. The Story is Phenomenal, Gameplay & Combat is like Halo 3's style with a little of Reach's style also. Art Design has been developed well, Sound Design is epic. Multiplayer is better than ever now thats its like Halo 3's multiplayer, fun & interactive. If your a true Halo fan like myself & want to continue experiencing the Saga then Halo 4 is the perfect game for you & your friends. Halo 4 gets a perfect 10 out of 10.

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Spartans Are FInally Cool!

posted by racoonsurvivor (HIGH RIDGE, MO) Nov 20, 2012

Member since May 2011

I have always been A COD fan, never having any love for the halo universe, however this game won me over in a lot of ways.

First, Visually this game has it going on, the cinematics are so good there are moments that you do not know if you are watching live action or not. The colors are vibrant and the animations are fluid.

Second, as expected the game sounds amazing. This soundtrack will let you know exactly how BA you are as the game goes on and while you are attempting to save the universe you will feel like you have an awesome DJ in your helmet. The voice actors hit their marks incredibly, that mixed with the emotions that they can show in scene immerse you in the experience.

Third, Gameplay is fun and action packed. This game has an awesome campaign, multiple different play styles for multiplayer, and a new mode called spartan ops that allows you and three other people to go on a mini adventure that follows the story of two spartan units, a true Red VS Blue. Standard TDM has also been spiced up with ordinance, a "killstreak" type system that rewards players for getting kills or assists. This game also has class creation that is fun and a great intensive to level up. The only ding I have is that you always level up and so the matchmaking is not as balanced as it has been in the past, however the unlock system is so much fun I cannot wait to hit my next level.

Fourth, some of the overpowered things that Halo has been known for (I.E. Needler, Pistol, etc.) have been balanced accordingly so you do not always feel outmatched against them no matter your weapon of choice.

All and all this is the game that Halo has been needing for a long time, it is a rich experience that can enthrall any FPS fans and give you more than enough reasons to keep coming back for more. Well worth a rent and a buy, I know I will be putting many hours into all of the modes of this game and will get more than 60 dollars of value here!

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