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Halo 4 is bad

posted by roman2000 (JERSEY CITY, NJ) Feb 13, 2013

Member since Nov 2012

The story mode is a thing that makes u fall asleep

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343's playing it safe...

posted by legoguy217 (MANCHESTER, NH) Feb 12, 2013

Member since Aug 2011

Since the announcement I was exited but skeptical about Halo 4. It suffers from "It sounded to good to be true" syndrome I like to call most games now. The campaign went off to a good start and then it ended. To quick if you ask me. I hate to say this but the game needed to have filler. One thing that got me irritated was how a pelican started floating down to pick up the chief. It fades, and then your in a new area. What the h311 was that?! I yelled. It bothers me because they could've used that scene so much better! Like showing how big the UNSC Infinity actually is. Seeing how big the battle between 2 enemies actually was like. But no, it fades. Besides that the campaign is short. Impressive the amount of stuff that went into it. I'll drop the fact that it is short because Frank O'Connor said it himself that they will do better next time. The story doesn't take risks and stays safe to the formula while adding new things to it. I will quickly say that the multiplayer is the most balanced I've ever seen. They could not go any higher then this. I will move on to spartan ops, the replacement for firefight. Spartan Ops was like another campaign but coop focused. The main problem with this is that some maps repeat. Spartan ops to me is just a tack on. You are just better off looking at the pre rendered cutscenes online, because no story moments take place here (For the most part). Aside from spartan ops being a side activity, I'm expecting better next time 343.

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Halo 4: another huge disappointment

posted by bsenkovich (ORANGE CITY, FL) Feb 10, 2013

Member since May 2012

only 4 hours of total game play (granted the story was a good end(?)). DLC adds another 8 hours except that Spartan Ops are merely "kill everyone on the map and push a button".

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