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A reclaimation of the glory days

posted by beeronasti (ODESSA, TX) Dec 10, 2012

Member since Dec 2006

11 out of 17 gamers (65%) found this review helpful

halo 4 reclaims its throne with a blaze of glory. truly this epic quest reestablishes the mantle of glory that has been so thoroughly tarnished...story telling, combat, and music all combine to give a presentation that leaves one awe struck and amazed at how far the series has come.

This campaign is moving and truly epic, a return to its roots in that you once again care about the trials and tribulations that the master chief must undergo and rise above. the outcome isnt some meaningless solution that must be slogged towards, rather it is a culmination of all the minute struggles that comprise this enticing campaign. rarely does a video game move me like this has, and never has it looked so good doing so. if you can tell the difference between the prologue and a movie then your a better man than I, and while the main parts of the game arent as shiny they are still far and away one of the most beautiful games ive ever had the pleasure of playing. sterling symphony comes in at opportune moments to give a sublime feeling of greatness to the experience.

with varied enemies and an entirely new host of weapons to use this game has the feel of a brand new halo, almost like how the first one felt when we learned about the covenant. awe inspiring back drops and extremely detailed environments provide a new playground that weve never seen. gone are the endless corridors and mindless repetitive dribble that made up the last few games. gone are the npc characters that fall by the roadside without a care, suddenly you find yourself trying to save them just because thats what you want to do.

multiplayer is also fun, it seems to move much faster and it has an excellent flow. the customization of powers is a nice touch, and yet a stock amateur can still take down a top level guy with a quick hand and steady sights.

well worth a purchase, IMHO, this is one of the best games all year. This game makes being the master chief amazing again, and the journey has never been

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A Second (or maybe 3rd) Opinion

posted by Angelzbane (TORRANCE, CA) Jan 25, 2013

Member since Jan 2013

13 out of 21 gamers (62%) found this review helpful

A glace at the score would likely spark a precursory assumption that I'm probably unqualified to have a real opinion anyway, but you've read this much so maybe hear [sic:read] me out a moment longer.

I was stunned when I opened up my IGN mag from this month and saw that Halo 4 had made a solid claim for Game of the Year via the fans (and quite a few editors as well), and with my curiosity piqued this game went immediately to the top of the queue. (Briefly my background: 1, 3, Reach). When I popped it in I kept thinking to myself (as I'm sure many who've already played it were), "Gee, this opening is sure a lot similar to the original..." and no sooner had we [spoilers] landed on the Forerunner planet and hopped into a happenstance intact warthog [end spoilers] that I finally realized what this franchise has left to offer in form of a first person shooter- nothing! Guys and gals if you're thinking this game has anything different to offer you than any of the other Halo games you're going to be sorely disappointed. It looks graphically amazing and stunning in a lot of places, but the story is just more of the same.

If you're the type of person who loves Halo for what it is and are always wanting more of the exact same, then this game is probably your cup o' tea. In my opinion it's a fallacy that this humanist look at the Master Chief is so refreshing- that's nearly exactly the same feel they were going for in Reach; these brothers fighting and dying for each other not because they had orders, but because they had such strong bonds. For those of you who crave interactive story telling with visceral combat intertwined with strategy and tactics... this isn't the game.

I'm writing this for those on the edge out there. If you're on the edge of buying it my advice to you is RENT IT FIRST. Duh. If you're considering renting I'll say this: play it if you have to (I did), but don't be surprised when you send it back faster than you thought. Not GOTY material at al

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game itself

posted by jaden3355 (CLINTON, NC) Nov 6, 2012

Member since Nov 2012

21 out of 38 gamers (55%) found this review helpful

the story is a 10/10
the gameplay 9/10
and master chief being awesome as ever 10/10

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