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Very Good

Great For Online Campaign leaves you wanting more!

posted by dshade (ANCHORAGE, AK) Oct 2, 2007

Member since Aug 2005

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Halo 3 is nothing without being able to play online. Sure there is a campaign mode and you can also do some local games and maybe even play some networked games, but without xbl your missing out on pretty much everything this game has to offer.

The story does get concluded so you do get to "Finish The Fight!" but the campaign does leave you wanting more.

Well some details on the game. There are a few new weapons and they brought back the original assault rifle as well. They took out the ability to dual wield the needler(bummer). There are more vehicles now which is a big plus(Mongoose is fun to play in). There are 4 different types of throwing weapons(grenades) but you can only have 2 of each at the most(no more raining sticky bombs (yay!)). All in all there seems to be more balance in the weapons now between the aliens(covenant and brutes) and the humans.

If you are a fan of the halo series I am pretty sure you already got the game and there really isn't a reason to read the review. But if your not a fan of the series, You may want to pick the game up and give it a spin. Dual wielding, vehicles, and the forge(map editor). Are some of the reasons to play this game. Nothing is cooler then to edit a map with a few friends while trying to kill and screw each others creations up!!

In the end.. This game is made to be played online. If the campaign was longer this game would be perfect.

See you online with a Sticky Bomb on your face! BOOOOM!!!!

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The best of the Halo series.

posted by annarborjack (ANN ARBOR, MI) Jul 31, 2011

Member since Jul 2011

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I like this one better then Halo Reach, the newest of the series. Its the best one. The best story mode and the best mutliplayer. They also introduced Forge Mode where you can edit Mutiplayer levels to have extra buldings and courses, and you can save them to your File Share and send them to people. And Theater where you can watch your gameplay like a movie, take screenshots, make machinmnas, and you can save them, and you can put them on your File Share where you can save them and send them to people. This is one of my favorites, if not my favorite video game ever. Sadly, now that Halo Reach is out, there are not as many players online as there used to be. Most players have moved on to Halo Reach. I would still buy this game if you have not. It really is this good.

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The king of mass market games is here.

posted by KrispyD (YORK, PA) Sep 25, 2007

Member since Apr 2006

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What can I possibly say about Halo 3 that hasn't been said already? The game, as a whole, is simply awesome. That's not to say it is without it's share of problems, but the sheer goodness of the good eclipses the bad many times over.

I'm not going to get into game history or any of that, as I'm sure you are already aware from the flurry of ads and propaganda that the media has been tossing around.

The graphics, in spite of what some people say, are sublime. It's hard to really notice right away because it doesn't have that in your face bling of graphical powerhouse Gears of War, but watch a replay and take a screenshot and you can see how awesome it really is. I think all the detail just kind of gets lost in all the insanity that happens during a game. Watch a replay though, and you can see the detail on the all the characters and lighting. Yes, it's in the same style of the original two games, so I don't know why people think it should look like Gears.

The campaign is a little on the short and easy side. If you have no desire to play multiplayer, this is a game you'll want to just rent for a few days and "finish the fight" so to speak. The multiplayer options are outstanding and really keep the game going long after the campaign is forgotten. The four player co-op just gets better ever time I play it.

Adversarial muliplayer is a nice mix of the old school charm of H1 and the accessibility of H2. I would have rather seen it go more towards the original.

There are so many options and customizations you can do in multiplayer I'll never be able to cover them in a gamefly review. The forge is the most insane thing I've ever played. You can become one of those floaty ball robot guys and actually pick up and drop things in the map like a real map editor. The crazy thing is that you can do this while people are playing. Picking up vehicles with them in it and tossing over the walls. Insane.

That about sums it up... insane.

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