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Halo 3 a newbies perspective....

posted by reverend66 (AUSTIN, TX) Sep 27, 2007

Member since Jun 2006

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I came into this game expecting disappointment. I never even thought of buying it. however all the hype (and a few screenshots) got me. I put in the disc waiting for the big intro movie (that I was sure would be the highlight of the whole experience)..nope just pick campaign. Short intro...then, the best FPS I have ever played!
Now I did not really play the first 2 halo games, I am a bigger fan of GRAW, RB6, and Gears. That being said my only real problem with this game is the lack of a cover system. I do however understand that when HALO first came out there was no such thing, so putting one in now would upset millions. I'm not saying it is better than GRAW or Gears (like apples & oranges) but as far as FPS (not over the shoulder) shooters it can not be beat.
The campaign is a lot of fun (vehicles, weapons, it's linear but hey this is mainly an online game). The graphics are outstanding (anyone that says they are like the original XBOX need to see thier eye doctor right away as there is a serious problem). there are more enemys, friendlys, explosions, ships in the sky, all at once than I can count with no slowdowns (once again to the disclaimers, if you are having frame problems get your box checked out, it's going south).
Online is flawless (other than the fact that I am killed constantly), no hiccups, freezes, etc. I never thought I would see a game with such incredible scenery & character graphics play so flawlessly online. this coupled with the replay ability & map design ability.......

Buy this game, you will not get it for rent for months even if it is the only game in your Q. If you have an XBOX live account this is a must have!

Disclaimer- I am not responsible for the loss of employment, spouse, or any property that may be lost due to the fore mentioned by the playing of this game online. This review & recommendation is purely opinion.

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Late to the party, but still loving it

posted by lloydf (CHARLOTTE, NC) May 4, 2009

Member since May 2006

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I didn't start Halo 3 until Wars was already released, so I know I'm behind the times :). I got it 2 Christmases ago but was still working on Bioshock during my regulated couple of gamings hours on weekends between house projects and hanging with my wife and kid. I skipped Halo 2 but played the first in dual-player Legendary, which (like most people) is when I fell in love with Xbox and reinvigorated my love for FPS games in general.

This game does not disappoint. The gameplay and controls are as smooth and responsive as I remember from the first, and the storyline and graphics are equally as impressive. This time around I'm on single player Normal mode and picked up the game guide so I could find all the gems. I'm enjoying the campaign and haven't used Live yet so I can't comment on that experience. So why not 10 stars? Well, this is an excellent game on its own, so it's a candidate. However, as a sequel it has to stand up against its predecessors, and its hard to top Halo 1 in terms of being revolutionary and a turning point in gaming.

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The best in the series...

posted by Twizlex (DAUPHIN, PA) Sep 24, 2007

Top Reviewer

Member since Jul 2006

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To be honest, I wasn't looking forward to Halo 3 as much as most people seemed to, but after playing through it, there's no denying that it's a great game. Graphically, it looks much better than Halo 2, but it doesn't quite live up to what we all know is possible on the 360. Of course, there is A LOT going on at the same time that I'm sure if there were better graphics it might affect the frame rate. Given the choice between better-looking or smoother-playing, I think Bungie made the right choice.

Anyhow, the story was well paced through the campaign mode. I think fans will definitely be pleased with the overall narrative, and most importantly, the conclusion. I played through cooperatively with my brother over Live and it was pretty sweet. I'm really looking forward to some other friends getting the game so we can play 4-player co-op. Yes, that's right. I'm sure a lot of people know this already, but the story mode can be played through by 4 friends over Xbox Live - one player is the Master Chief and the rest are all Elites like the Arbiter (well, one of them IS the Arbiter). Playing with more people and upping the difficulty level definitely leads to some crazy happenings.

Then there's the multiplayer. This is a game in and of itself that'd be worth $60. There are just so many options and game modes that, like Halo 2, will keep people playing this game for literally years to come. Things don't feel as "cheap" as they did sometimes while playing Halo 2's multiplayer, which is definitely a plus.

Additionally, you have the ability to record your gameplay and share it with your friends. Not just the multiplayer either, but the story mode as well. You can even move the camera around and view things from someone else's perspective, which is pretty cool.

The only real problem I have with the game is the last level, which just wasn't any fun. I won't go into details so I don't ruin anything, but it was a disappointing way to end the game. This keeps it from a 10.

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