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Very Good

Good Game-Bad Gamefly

posted by rKenshin (MINT HILL, NC) Sep 30, 2009

Member since Sep 2009

48 out of 68 gamers (71%) found this review helpful

This game is alot like other Halo games. Its by far the shortest of them though, but that is forgivable for the great story and amazing voice acting. I was very dissapointed because I bought this game to play Multiplayer and yet I cannot play thanks to the lack of a 2nd disk that is suppose to come with the game. Gamefly! send two disks when they come with the game otherwise renting this is only worth 5-hours and its back to you. I would recomend buying or renting this game somewhere else to get the multiplayer disk. Good game but don't expect to enjoy multiplayer which is the main reason I rented this, TOO PLAY WITH MY FRIENDS!

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Half the game

posted by Kelectric (CARY, NC) Oct 26, 2009

Member since Oct 2008

23 out of 33 gamers (70%) found this review helpful

Honestly I can't really rate this game higher than a 5 because gamefly gives you only ONE DISC out of the two. They leave out the second disc which includes the multiplayer, the most fun part of the game. 5/10

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Good halo game: Bad GameFLY

posted by Lepermessi (SAN ANTONIO, TX) Sep 22, 2009

Member since Dec 2008

106 out of 161 gamers (66%) found this review helpful

Okay so the campaign isn't what Halo:2 is. Forgivable, because Halo 3 was good but not that good.
It has a few new weapons, and it has changed the face of Halo enough to no be repetitive, but still have that Halo flavor. Pistol zoom from Halo: Combat Evolved is back.

Firefight is a knock off of horde (from Gears of War 2), but i'm not complaining. I like this kind of arcade game play with friends. You can also make it much more challenging than horde ever was.

Multiplayer, now here is a sore subject for me. Not because it was good or bad, but because i didn't get to play it. It is on a separate disc, that gamefly doesn't ship with it. This is unacceptable. I want to rent the entire game, not just one disk of it. REALLY DISAPPOINTING.

All and all it is worth the rent. You have to decide if the map packs are worth the buy. The other disk i understand is just like Halo 3 just a few new maps. If you don't have Halo 3 then by all means get this game because it comes with all the maps for H3 and the additional H ODST maps. You can even play with your Halo 3 friends, just not on the newest maps. Again from what i understand, not that i could play ODST multiplayer.


0 out of 10 stars for GAMEFLY.

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