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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Suicide Gravity Lift

This cheat I call suicide gravity lift. What you do is when your on \"Gravemind\" and you kill some Brutes and grunts. Wait for 2 brutes to come out of the front of the council chamber and when you see the huge transport hole... jump in it and you\'ll shoot straight in the air to the cieling and you\'ll fall to your death.


On the level metropolis when you get to the part where there are three wraiths there will be two small bridges. On the one closest to the marines you are supposed to meet, a pelican will drop off three marines. As soon as the marines get off, jump towards the pelican and hold X and you will be in the pelican. It will take you to the bottom of the level.

Easy win on Outskirts against Hunters

When the hunters start beating on the doors run to them and when they break you'll run right past them.


Have two plasma grenades with you and throw one 20 feet in front of you then throw anthor one as well then look up.

Easy Sniping

This isn't a cheat but If you like to snipe people go to the city and get the banshee fly up to the top of the building that over looks the bar (the one that tilts to the side you are on). Before you go up there make sure you have a sniper rifle or a beam rifle You should have one of those and a rocket launcher (or both) From this spot you can easily get headshots. I believe the only weopon that you can get hit with (and killed) is the Sniper rifle (and beam rifle).

Better sniping on blood gulch

At viewpoint from the blue base on the right, next to the blue base there is a rorock tower coming out of the cliff. fly a Banshee up to it and land on the top you can now snipe the whole gulch.

Easy Kills 1

In Campaign or Multiplayer mode, a single melee attack to the back of the head will kill any opponent with few exceptions.

Easy Kills 2

if an opponent is standing still and you have a rocket launcher and a sword, aim your rocket launcher at the person than push \"Y\" and quickly after u push \"Y\" push \"R\". this will send you flying across the map and you will kill the opponent.

Easy Kills 3

when enemies can`t see you turn on your flashlight go behind them once they turn around whack them in the head.

Easy elite kill

First your going to need a plasma pistol and battle rifle. you need to charge the Plasma pistol up then Shot it at a elit (in multi player its the same against your opponent) then its sheild should give out then shoot it in the head with the battle rifle.

Accurate SMG Dwing

When DWing SMGs, press one shoot trigger at a time simultaneously. This disables the reticle/aimer from going upwards. REMEMBER: This also works on other DWings.

Howard Dean scream

At some point in the game when you are playing as Master Chief, one of you allies will do the Howard Dean scream while they are attacking.

Banshee Trick

When you are playing multiplayer or adventure and find a banshee you can get out then go back in while it is still in the air (good way to trick your friends);)

Plasma Pistol

Have the plasma pistol in multiplayer mode and the smg then power up the pistol then blast some one there for ther shield will be gone then you can quickly kill them with the smg.

Getting Past Guards - Great journey level

An easy way to get past guards to tartarus level. take banshee all the way into the destroyed entrance and fly over the top of the ruins. once you get to the door, jump off banshee to open door, then get back on and you have the choice to either kill the guards or fly right past them

Disable Ghost Rider

to disable a ghost rider simply aim for the left wing....there is a circular object on the side....shoot it and the ghost rider will blow up and also the rider will experience a lot of pain but not death

How to beat Regret

To easily defeat the prophet Regret, jump on his vehicle then hold X to board it. You can then press B to melee him to death.

How to beat the Scarab

Instead of following the Marines, go staight across the bridge. You will find a sniper. Take it, then jump on the Scarab and shoot all the Elites and pilots.

How to beat Taterus

To beat Tarterus shot him but don't let the hammer hit you what until sgt. jonsten takes out his over shield and one bullet will kill him.

How to beat Taterus

When fighting tarterus on legendary, don\'t wait for the sgt. to use the alien sniper rifle to take out tarterus\'s shield, just shoot the blue mark on the top of tarterus\'s hammer as he walks towards you with the covenant carbine only. This causes him to lose his shield much quicker. When his shield is down blast him with a brute shot or brute plasma weapons. Be careful when tarterus says \'that was a lucky shot, you will not get another\' and when the sgt says \'hey mohawk, how does that feel?\' because a bunch of Brutes will come onto the middle platform to aid tarterus. Best way to get around that is to get to the top platform when you hear any of the phrases and take the brutes out before they get chance to cross over!

Hunter Weakness

the hunters weak spot is orange on its back the best weapon for that is the battle rifle

Hunter Weakness

kill a hunter faster:In any mission when u find a hunter get a covenant sniper riffle and get behind the hunter and shoot him in the orange spot on his back this will allow him 2 die faster.

How to kill brutes

Shoot off there helmet and shoot them in the head.

Great Journey

On the level "The Great Journey" an easy way to get to the chamber where Tartarus is to get a beam rifle and an energy sword. Go into the room before the chamber and snipe the non berserking brutes. Then lure the berserking en brutes one by one and when they get close activate your active camouflage and attack them with the energy sword.


Go to the Colossus arena and have player two stand next to the middle conveyer belt, and player one stand on the platform that shoots you upward and remain still. This will work with energy swords or any other heavy weapon. Have player two hit a barrel on to the conveyer belt and watch it fly up. Have player one lines himself up with the barrel and hit it with a melee attack.

Stealing vehicles

When playing a multi-player map with vehicles, you can steal vehicles such as the Wraith from your opponent. Approach the vehicle while holding X. REMEMBER: This removes your opponent from the vehicle only; you must press X a second time to board the vehicle.

How to beat Elites

When battling with Elites, do not hit them once with your weapon. Always hit them multiple times. If you hit them once, they will have a faster time and kill you with one hit or take down your shield.

How to beat Grunts

With big groups of enemies, kill off the Grunts first, as they easier to kill and become less of an annoyance.

How to beat Tartarus 3

Run around dodging his attacks and grab a sword off one of your dead elite buddies wait till' his shields are down and do a Lunge attack (wait until reticule is red and press Right Trigger) WHEN HIS SHIELDS ARE DOWN. easiest way to kill Tartarus. REMEMBER: sometimes this works with 2 lunges just wait a second time and do it again

Easy way to kill hunter

A way to kill a hunter easily is to throw a plasma grenade on hunter front. Then when the grenade blows up they turn around and stay around for a bit. Then take a magnum and shoot then in their orange skin a few times.

Kill A Ghost Rider

To kill a ghost rider easily all you have to do is shoot the circle in the middle (the engine) of the ghost and the ghost will blow up...magnum is the best choice to do so

Kill a Person on a Warthog

To kill a person on a warthog in multiplayer first shoot all the wheels and then shoot anywhere on the warthog and it will blow up...magnum and battle rifle are the best choice

Blood Gulch Sniping location

At the Red base, get a Banshee. Get on top and face toward the Blue base. Turn right and go over. Follow the wall up and close to the top. You can get out there and snipe from this location.

Zanzibar Walk into middle of "Ferris wheel"

There is a platform by the "Ferris wheel" that has an object that resembles a switch. Melee it or shoot it, and it will blow up after a few hits. The platform will fall, and you can now walk into the middle of the "Ferris wheel".

How to beat Prophets

To kill Prophets, you must dodge there laser attacks and get up close until the message to hold X to board appears. Do so. Once onboard, tap B to attack them. Three hits should kill them. If not, repeat until it falls. 

How to beat Regret

To easily defeat the prophet Regret, jump on his vehicle then hold X to board it. You can then press B to melee him to death. 

Defeating the Scarab 1

When you fight the enemies on the Scarab, mostly Elites and Grunts, start running down the path. You will see rocket launcher ammunition. Collect it if you have a rocket launcher, as it will make battle easier when you enter the Scarab. Your second weapon should be a shotgun or dual plasma rifles in case you lose rocket launcher ammunition. 

Defeating the Scarab 2

At the last part of metropolis were you have to stop the scarab, jump onto it's head and walk into it's neck. From there you should,be able to see the enemy and shoot the enemy, which can't see or shoot you.

How to beat Tartarus 1

When playing in co-operative mode under the legendary difficulty setting, get a grenade launcher that is left over from the Brute on the bridge. When Tartarus jumps onto the spinning disks, jump onto the platform with your partner, then jump on the three disks for safety. Let your partner have a carbine rifle on the top level and have him snipe reinforcements when they arrive. Run around the middle circle, waiting for Tartarus to lose his shield from Sarge sniping him. Hit him with your grenade launcher. Hit him three times, then run away and wait.  Also, never hit Tatarus with a melee attack. Never use grenades as Tartarus will just jump. The most important thing is to not allow your partner to die. 

How to beat Tartarus 2

Get two Brute plasma rifles and run away. When his shields are down, throw grenades then shoot him. He should die quickly.

How to beat Elites 3

Dual wield a plasma pistol or rifle and a Human pistol. Use a plasma pistol or rifle to knock down the shields quickly, and then shoot them in the head with the magnum.

How to beat Elites 4

The best way to quickly kill an Elite is to hit them multiple times with your weapon. First. hit them so they are stunned for a few seconds, then shoot them quickly. They should die easily.

How to beat Floods 1

To make fighting Flood easier, use a shotgun and an energy sword. The Flood levels are mostly close quarters -- shoot them in the face with a shotgun. This will take down even a shielded Flood in one hit. Then, use an energy sword to vaporize the bodies so that they cannot get back up. The best part is that it will not use any energy sword power.

How to beat Floods 2

You can actually kill the human and elite Floods with one shot of the Covenant carbine. Aim directly at the stomach for the human-type Floods (with no long tentacles in their left arm); and aim high in the middle where the head would usually be for the Elite-type floods (with the long tentacles).

How to beat Grunts 1

With big groups of enemies, kill off the Grunts first, as they are easier to kill and become less of an annoyance. Additionally, two slashes with the plasma swords are good against Grunts. However, hitting them with the grenade launchers three times can kill just as easily and does not use any ammunition.

How to beat Grunts 2

Get a needler. Find a grunt and aim close to his head. Shoot him and he will jump in the air and die.

Enemies Brute

Brute: Resemble evil gorillas. They can be grenadiers, riflemen, or royal. They can use brute shot and brute plasma rifle. Shoot them in head, or throw a plasma grenade on their back.

How to beat Brutes 1

The best combination of weapons against a Brute is to use two plasma rifles. Brute plasma rifles are recommended, as they are slightly stronger and shoot faster with a slower heating process. 

How to beat Brutes 2

On the final level, once you reach the door that leads to the final battle, a group of Brutes will come out. Instead of fighting them, use your invisibility gear and sneak through the door without having to fight. REMEMBER: You must be fast or the door will lock.

How to beat Brutes 3

The Brutes' weakness are their heads. That is why they usually have metal plates. Shoot them in their heads for an easy kill.

How to beat Elites 1

When battling with Elites, do not hit them once with your weapon. Always hit them multiple times. If you hit them once, they will have a faster time and kill you with one hit or take down your shield. Additionally, an easier way to kill Elites quickly is to double-wield the SMGs and aim for the head. Be careful, as the SMGs tend to send the reticle upward. Also, try meleeing him before using the double strategy.

How to beat Elites 2

You can outsmart Elites in some battles by finding cover and returning fire as usual. However, when they stop firing, relocate to other sources of cover and have a few seconds before they notice. Also throw grenades before they get all the way out, if they are appearing from a door or a ship portal.

Rooster Teeth Easter Egg (Map Pack Level)

On the new multiplayer level 'Turf' (found on the map pack), Check the vending machines. The blue vending machine has a rooster's silhouette on it and the red one has a pair of false teeth. These are the symbols of Rooster Teeth, creator of machinma series 'Red vs Blue'

Enemies Grunts

Grunts: The basic enemies. They can be yellow, red, green, black, or heretic. They can use plasma pistols, plasma rifles, plasma turrets, and fuel rod cannons. Use a melee attack to the face twice or back once for an easy kill. Any weapon can easily kill them.

Enemies Jackals

Jackals: Special force assassins. They can have a blue or orange shield. They use plasma pistols and beam rifles. Melee them twice in the face to kill or shoot the black center of shield.

Enemies Elites

Elites: The infantry of Covenant forces. Can be blue, red, gold, black, white, silver (Arbiter), heretic, or royal. They use plasma rifles, carbines, SMG's, or energy swords. Use a plasma weapon to take down the shield then shoot them in head. Melee them in face about three times.

Enemies Wasps

Wasp: The only flying enemy. They can use plasma rifles. Can be blue or green. Zoom in with a battle rifle and shoot them twice.

Enemies Hunter

Hunter: Protected enemies built like a Scorpion tank. Only blue. They can use the fuel rod cannon. Shoot them in pink spot on back or torso with any weapon. The needler just bounces off their armor. Rockets work the best.

Secret coded message

In the Limited Collector's Edition of the game, there is the special booklet called "Conversations From The Universe". In the booklet on page 7, there is an extremely difficult to read text from the Prophet of Truth to the Prophet of Mercy concerning the Prophet of Regret. The following is the translation (the number of words in each line is equal to the number of words in each line in the booklet, except for the words in parentheses): “To thine own eyes, Prophet of Mercy. Dearest Brother, I hope this finds you well. My sorrow and anger precedes me with regard to the atrocity and heresy at Halo. We shall avenge this destruction with some of our own. Work proceeds apace on our battle plan. The Sangheili (Elites) will do what is asked of them, and the Jiralhanae (Brutes) will show the humans what our strength looks like at close quarters. But this message concerns neither the planning nor the discovery of the Human homeworld. Rather I question Brother Regret's suitability for this great purpose. I am aware of his tenacity and ambition, but I believe his youth and reckless reaching may prove to be grave risks to the per?ction of this undertaking. You have noted his rashness in the past, and yet neither of us has acted. I suggest that we continue as planned, but we would both do well to pay mind to Brother Regret, and provide wisdom and guidance as needed. This matter is too important to be left to inexperienced hands. Piety is no substitute for wisdom. Perhaps I worry too much. You know that I embrace caution, but cannot have inexperience or arrogance at this great juncture. Be pure, be vigilant, and never rest. By my own hand. Prophet of Truth.”

Get a soccer ball

You must go around the street level, then go behind the wall and your a soccer chief. Go have some fun.

Get into Pelican Cockpit (use less)

The Pelican on the beach in front of the Zanzibar hotel. Go inside the the pelican and walk into the  cockpit door and you will be in the cockpit you will be stuck. (be warned.)

Change the Zanzibar \"No Swimming\" sign

This is another glitch. Go to your menu on X-Box and change your date. Make the month 7 and day 7 for a hilarious sign. Also try holiday dates like 12 31 for Christmas and 8 31 for Halloween. These signs are really cool.

Flipping phantom

When you first start the arbiter level go straight south west to a small arch looking structure, go inside it, then look to your left, and straight down. You will see a phantom crash into the wall and flip around. If it goes off the screen zoom in.

View a programmer

In the multiplayer level containment, you can see the face of a game developer of halo if you take a sniper rifle and fly a banshee up to a high position, look at where halo goes up into the sky and right where the shadow hits halo use the scope, you should be able to see the face of a chris smiling, Chris is a game developer for halo 2.

Hidden message and sword on Outskirts

Difficulty: Very easy, but confusing. Where: In Halo 2 on the level Outskirts (Campaign). What to do: At the first part of the level once you kill off all the covenant and the pelican says he found a good LZ (Landing Zone) on the other side of some buildings Sarge should say,"Someone get a satchel on that gate".Then big, scary hunter come. Kill them and move on. At the spot where there are jackels on the other side and one sniper behind them kill all the jackels and turn that corner, you should now be in a long alley with jackel snipers on the very far side and some drones. When you kill all the covenant look to the right side where you should a slightly lifted platform off the ground. There should be an explosive on this that looks like a purple chair. Right beside the "purple chair" should be a big box on the wall with pipes across it, jump onto this and then jump onto the roof with that looks like it has rusted squares on it. Jump up to roof slightly above you, there shoulb be vents on it and a force field that does not allow you to go any higher. When facing the force field look to your left and walk over to that wall. Jump onto the "rusted thing" above the brown window. Face the wall and turn left. Jump to the "rusted thing" above that brown window. Then go to the edge of that and jump to the grayish metal thing connecting that building to the one across the street. Walk along the wall on that metal thing to the other side. Then jump into the broken hole in the wall. You should find a sword stabbed in the ground and blood in a spot with rocks in the blood spelling out "REX".


Throw two plasma grenades in the exact same spot then quickly look up in the air and you will see a blue explosion

Blue Screen of Death Easter Egg

On the multiplayer map Zanzibar, if you go to the switch that opens the gate and press it, the computer monitor will show the dreaded blue screen. Zoom in to the blue screen and you will find some extremely hilarious text, including \'If system does not restart, scream at top of lungs and pound on keypad\'

Outskirts Glitch

On the level outskirts, on legendary difficulty, (i haven't tried any other difficulty), listen to johnson when he says, "Here they come! Left side!" Go through the alley where all of the covenant are flooding out from. Once you kill them all, or if they\'re not there, there should be a mound of dirt in the corner to the left, get on the mound and crouch jump onto the little platform, then turn around and there should be another platform, jump onto that one and got to the right, you should be on top of the building where all of the snipers shoot from. Keep going until you see a little platform that lets you got to the left, jump on it, and when you are on the other side, you should be where johnson gets onto the pelican, don\'t go down there, there should be a long bridge thing in front of you or to the left, crouch jump just to make sure you\'re on it, then walk all of the way to the end, when you reach the end you be stopped by an invisible wall, just keep trying to walk through it you will eventually get out to a blank space in the game if you turn around you can see what i mean! (This only works if you have activated blind mode!)

Howard Dean scream

At some point in the game when you are playing as Master Chief, one of you allies will do the Howard Dean scream while they are attacking.

Shaky hand

Get in a side seat of a vehicle (Spectre or Warthog) with a plasma pistol. Charge the plasma pistol and get out. The gun will be shaking as if it is still charged. 

Iron Mode

On the last Master Chief Level, on Legendary Difficulty, when you enter the final Gravity Lift, look up. A skull will pass through you extemely quickly so you must start holding X a bit before you actually pass it to grab hold of it. Once you grab the Iron Skull, Iron Mode will be activated.

Mythic Mode

In "Sacred Icon" there is a semi outdoor area which has the same type of area right next to it. There is a large sentinal in front of each one. Go past this area and down the piston and you'll be in a vary dark and dank flood infested area. There's a stack of 6 or 7 boxes as you enter the room. Use them to jump up to the landing above. There are a handful of alcoves on your right hand side. The skull is in the third alcove, floating above a dead human flood. When you are in this mode flood are invincible when driving vehicles.

Posters at the Old Mambassa Crash landing *after Cairo*

After you crash land on Old Mambassa, you can see posters all around with the Master Chief from the demo and some grunt posters.

Sputnik Mode

At the start of "Quarantine Zone" turn directly around, and you should see a tunnel. Head down the tunnel and go straight until you exit it. Go straight across the open area, and you'll come across a broken pipe tunnel on your right. Straight in front of you is a small ledge running across the wall, above the green pit. Carefully get onto that small ledge and walk all the way to the end of the ledge to find the Sputnik skull. In this mode explosion force and melee force is greater.

Rocket Launcher

This is an easter egg found on almost any level.  If there is a rocket launcher laying on the ground, zoom in on it and you will see a message.  It will say, ATTENTION  HOLD LIKE THIS and there will be a picture of a guy showing you how to properly hold a rocket launcher.

Hat glitch at Cairo Station

At the beginning, go down the stares where there is a stock pile of weapons and ammo on the boxes. Beside the weapons and ammo boxes is a box with a hat on it. Hit the box with the hat on it until it moves away and the hat stays in the same place.

Blind Mode

In the beginning of Outskirts jump on top of the light on top of the door with a crouch jump, then jump to the left platform. Turn to your left and go down the long dark corridor and pick up the skull; it will say blind and your screen will flash black for a while. In this mode you can not see your weapon, body, shields, ammo, or radar. To get rid of this feature use the following method: 1. Turn off your XBOX or Save and Quit. 2. Go to Campaign and select level and choose Cairo Station. 3. Skip the cinematics and then Save and Quit. 4. Go Outskirt and your hud is back.

Catch Mode

Upon getting out of the sewers (Tunnel), there is a big area and 2 ghosts, kill every thing first, then go to the middle of it where u see a arc that leads up onto a building, throw a grenade down and jump by it to get enough height to start climbing it. When you get to the top take a left and hug the wall around the structure and the skull will be there. It says Catch.

Angry Mode

When you are the Master Chief trying to recover the index from the Prophet of Truth on the Covenant Holy City go until you reach the first outdoor area with dirt and vegetation. Take a right as you enter this room and run up to the wall past the gravity lift that leads up to the sniper point. Get on top of the wall by going up the dirt mound on your left. Follow the wall until you reach the floating skull called "Angry".

Ghost Mode

After the outdoor area with all the ghosts and grunts, there is an 'L' shaped room that is seen throughout the level. It is right after the armory room that is full of covenant and human weapons. Grenade jump using a jacked ghost up to the rafters and it's up there.

Grunts Birthday Party Mode

In the level Arbiter on Legendary. Once you get to the first banshee section, fly immediately straight down all the way to the bottom of the map. In one of the cracks where the large cylinders connect to the station. There will be a circle of grunts dancing around a skull. When you pick up the skull; it will say Grunt Birthday Party on the screen. Now when you kill a enemy with a projectile weapon, they will blow up like a plasma grenade was stuck to them.

Hidden art gallery in the Limited Edition DVD

In the main menu of the bonus DVD, hold left for 10 seconds.Then you will be able to see the hidden art gallery.


When you know when your a bout to die throw a grenade so when you die they will die right after you.

Hijack a mid air banshee

Get an energy sword and jump from a place that is elevated. Jump at the banshee when the cursor turns red attack to lunge at it, then hijack it.

Hidden DVD message

Insert the Halo 2 Bonus DVD from the Collectors Edition. Remain idle at the main menu. The Marine will begin to threaten you very comically for not hitting play. He will go through three different routines before it repeats.

Blood Gulch reference

Go to multi-player mode and scroll to the Coagulation map. Read the description. It will describe "a bloody gulch".

Assassins Mode

You can find a skull similar to the one that activates blind mode if you Start on "regret". After the first lift ride (before the first underwater elevator), grenade jump from the front awning of the lift to the ledge in front of you (the one with two turrets). Grenade jump AGAIN onto the next ledge. Make your way to the back of the building. On Easy, you'll only find the skull. On Legendary, however, 2 invisible Elites carrying swords just shake their heads wildly, ignoring you completely.

Black Eye Mode

In the level "The Great Journey" it is on top of the contol room where Johnson blows up the door. Shield won't regenarate if picked up.

The Best Guns you find lying around 5

Shotgun - No Zooming It could kill people bad but when it reloads, it gives people the chance to kill them.

Easier Kills with Swords

for easier kills with swords jump up  make your aim cursor turn red and press the right trigger. It will automatically attack the foe in the head and upper body, also good for avoiding being shot from critical damage

Hidden Plasma Grenades

on the level regret there is hidden plasma grenades. after the first underwater elevator in the room where you fight the hunters there is a purple thing that you can jump onto once you\'re up there turn to the right and you can see a ledge that is kind of far away jump over to it and go up the ramp thing when you\'re at the top turn to the left and jump to the ledge there are alot of plasma grenades

Massive Explosion

Throw a grenade then shoot at the grenade with your rocket launcher right after, and it will emit a powerful explosion enough to kill your opponent.

How to Hijack a enemy banshee

When you are in a banshee and your above an enemy banshee boost until your in front of him then jump out and hold the X button and the Arbiter or Master Chief will jump on the banshee and spin around and throw the enemy out

Bouncy Grenade

go to the level arbiter and on the first lift throw a plasma grenade and it will bounce until the elevator stops.

Fast kills in multiplayer

To get real fast kills in multiplayer, you need the plasma pistol as your first weapon, and the battle rifle as your secondary. First charge up your plasma pistol and find someone to shoot. Shoot them and if u hit them it will take their shield down all the way. Then before their shield recharges, quickly switch to the battle rifle and shoot them in the head. It should kill him in 1 hit. Very good for fast kills on x-box live, and to get in first place.

Plasma Pistol B Rifle Combo

In multiplayer mode get a plasma pistol then switch your weapon and get a b rifle. Charge up the plasma pistol and let louse on a opponent( this brings there shield completely down and open for the kill) then quickly switch 2 your b rifle a shoot the in the head. This kills them instantly.

The Best Guns you find lying around 1

Rocket Launcher - Zooms 2x KILLS IN ONE SHOT... If you hit them directly.

The Best Guns you find lying around 2

Sniper Rifle - Zooms 2x, 5x, 10x It could kill in one shot - especially with head shots.

The Best Guns you find lying around 3

Beam Rifle - Zooms 2x, 5x, 10x It\'s just like the Sniper Rifle except the aliens created it and it looks different.

The Best Guns you find lying around 4

It's also easier than the Sniper Rifle when your not sniping.

Hit Damage

Hit damage is based on hitting a human opponent with 75 units of health and 75 units of shield - fully charged. So, shooting a player with more than 150 units of damage will kill him. Naturally a shield power-up will give him some extra breathing room.

Headshots 1

the Sniper Rifle, the human pistol and to a lesser extent, the shotgun, will cause extra - often fatal - damage to the head if aimed correctly.

Headshots 2

To really piss people off in multiplayer, get a plasma pistol, and either brifle, or carbine.  Charge your pistol, then  quickly switch to the brifle/carbine and if you can get a head shot when their shield is down, you kill them in one hit, this takes skill, but will greatly increase your body count. Double wielding the plasma pistol and the human pistol works well too, but still requires a lot of skill.

Get the Scarab gun 1

Go to the metropolis level, ok so now what you got to do is kill all your marines because if you don't then they will kill what gets your to the scarab gun, kill everything with the tank tell you get to the end with the banshees kill everything but one banshee now what you got to do is lure him through the big street until the end and the jack the banshee and fly it through the little tunnel then fly up on top of the building once out side the hole, and there will be a cone and a plasma rifle and now you have the most powerful gun in the game. p.s: Here's a cool glitch to help you out, get on top of the gunner of the tank you should  fall into it then crouch down and your pretty much invincible, fire away!

Get the Scarab gun 2

When you start out on the "Metropolis" level, shoot all the marines to start. Then take the tank and blast any ghosts or wraiths that get in your way, and kill any other marines that join the battle. When the banshee's start flying in, shoot all but one of them. Lead the banshee into the tunnel by shooting it to get its attention. Before you enter the tunnel, you'll need to get a ghost. Keep the banshee with you and wipe out both the humans and the covenant, otherwise the humans will blow up the banshee. After you get through the tunnel, get the banshee into the small tunnel. One you see "Loading...Done" immediately hijack the banshee and fly out. When you get out, turn a little to the left and up, and you will see two bridges. Fly to one of them and the "Scarab Gun" will be there in front of a cone.

Destroying Scarab

When destroying Scarab, watch out for pilots, all of them will throw a Plasma Grenade. So, save one and throw it in the cok=ck pit before entering.

Human Weapons 9

M68 Gauss Cannon (vehicle mounted): Asynchronous linear-induction motor produces bipolar magnetic field to fire 25mm projectiles at hyper-sonic velocity. Excellent armor penetration weapon.

Hunter One Hit Kill

To kill the Hunters that come out in the beginning of outskirts just get the Battle rifle or the Sniper Rifle. When you hear the sergeant say \"someone get a sachel on the gate\" then run up to the top of the place where all the marines are when the hunters come walking out shot the in the orange stop that looks to be their stomach they will die instantly (its right next to their shields).

Multiplayer Flying Cheat

Grab a sword, get in the passenger side of a Warthog, now have one of your friends or enemies fly close enough to you while in a banshee to where your target turns red, hold in your right trigger and have the banshee fly away, when they are far enough away and high in the air, release the right trigger and then get out of the warthog, your guy will go flying across the screen after that banshee!

No Weapons Cheat

While playing assault or capture the flag, switch your smg for a plasma pistol, the pistol now being your only gun... Charge up the pistol and don\'t shoot, while charged hold in X and walk over the bomb or flag, you will then exchange the pistol for the flag or bomb, then press your right trigger and you will be gun-less you now only have the ability to throw grenades, but watch out because the moment you walk over a gun you will pick it up!

For an easy kill 1

take the sword and wait for it to turn red on an opponent and hit the right trigger you will fly forward and kill your opponent instantly. note: to counter this attack throw a plasma grenade at the person u will die but so will he.

For an easy kill 2

To get an easy assasination take the sword and hop in the banshee then time it right and jump out when your over the enemy. As you get closer get the reticle to go red and hit the right trigger button for an easy kill. and whats really sweet is after you do that the banshee falls right back to you.

Human Weapons 3

M7/caseless sum machine gun: Bullet hose fires a sustained bust of 5mm fire from a 60 round magazine. SMGs, while not accurate over long ranges can wither enemies at close range.

Human Weapons 4

52 AM Sniper Rifle: Gas operated magazine fed weapon utilizes a smart linked scope with 2 levels of magnification (5x and 10x). Firing 14.5mm armor piercing, fin stabilized, discarding sabot rounds make it a powerful weapon.

Human Weapons 5

M19 SSM Rocket Launcher: Most commonly used light anti vehicle weapon. Man portable, shoulder fired, with single 2x level of magnification. Fires 102mm highly explosive rounds.

Human Weapons 6

M90 Shotgun: Powerful, loud, pump action magazine fed, firing 8 gauge magnum (3.5") rounds with strong recoil. Devastating at close range.

Human Weapons 7

M9 He-Dp Fragmentation Grenade: Basic explosive device has changed no thanks to excellent design and flexibility. Well thrown grenade, will kill or stun most opponents.

Human Weapons 8

M41 LAAG (vehicle mounted): 3 barreled, electric powered, link-less drum fed, vehicle mounted light aircraft gun, Firing 450-550 rounds a minute.

Weapons that can be dual weilded 5

5. Plasma Rifle

Weapons that can be dual weilded 6

6. Covenant

Hidden weapon in Battle Creek

Go to the Blue base. Run to the end of the base where the ramp is located. Tilt your gun to the bottom in the "northeast" direction. You should see the "Hold X to pick up weapon" message. Hold X to pick it up. This is a hidden weapon which is useful when cornered without any ammunition.

Level The Great Journey Cheat Golden Banshee

Well, many of you may already know this cheat. When the level starts with the Scarab and you in the banshee, destroy all the Wraiths with your Banshee bombs. Make sure the Scarab doesn't interfere. Ahead of you, you will see the Golden Banshee

Human Weapons 1

M6c pistol: Recoil operated magazine fed handgun, firing a magazine of six 12.7mm semi-armor piercing rounds. fired accurately in semi-auto mode.

Human Weapons 2

BR55 Rifle: The battle rifle fires 9.5mm rounds from a 36 round magazine. Mounted with a 2x optical scope for targeting. Fires in short automatic bursts of three rounds.

Dual Weapon Wields 3

2.) SMG and Plasma Pistol

Dual Weapon Wields 4

3.) Magnum and Plasma Pistol

Weapons that can be dual weilded 1

1. Human Pistol (Weaker)

Weapons that can be dual weilded 2

2. Plasma Pistol

Weapons that can be dual weilded 3

3. SMG

Weapons that can be dual weilded 4

4. Needler (Stronger)

Vehicle HWP Shot Table Number of shots to destroy a vehicle 4

Wraith - rocket x2, gauss x3 (front), gauss x2 (back), grenade x13, tank shot x2

Vehicle HWP Shot Table Number of shots to destroy a vehicle 5

Scorpion - rocket x2, gauss x4 (body/tread), grenade x15, tank shot x2

Vehicle HWP Shot Table Number of shots to destroy a vehicle 6

Banshee - rocket x1, tank shot x1, shotgun x6, brute shot x4 (impact)

Grab the Sword in Zanzibar

When you begin on the beach in Zanzibar, climb your way up to the sword, and that kills time. If done right, you can just toss a grenade up into the hole and the blast will propel the sword out of the whole and to the ground below.  

Dual Weapon Wields 1

You will realize relatively quickly that a plasma weapon destroys shields faster and a human weapon overloads the "damage threshold" for unshielded players, therefore the best combo is always an Alien-Human combo.

Dual Weapon Wields 2

1.) SMG and Plasma Rifle

Sniping locations at Coagulation

Near the Blue base there is a sniping location at Mt. Erectus. You can get up there with a Banshee, Ghost or a Specter.

Hidden sniper rifle in Outskirts

After you kill the Hunters and go around the corner, jump on the boxes and then the ledge. Keep going to find a dead Marine with a sniper rifle.


On headlong, make the weapons swords and rockets and have oversheilds. Make the vehicles the wraith only. Then take the wraith to the spot by the building except face the opposite side of the building. Then have a friend stand in the middle of the 2 walls there. Go forward and then boost them and they will go sky high... if you do it correctly. It makes an excellent sniper spot the banshee can\'t reach.

Vehicle HWP Shot Table Number of shots to destroy a vehicle 1

Ghost - rocket x1, gauss x1, grenade x1, sniper rifle x8

Vehicle HWP Shot Table Number of shots to destroy a vehicle 2

Spectre - rocket x1, gauss x2, grenade x2, shotgun x6 (close)

Vehicle HWP Shot Table Number of shots to destroy a vehicle 3

Warthog - rocket x1, gauss x2, grenade x2, shotgun x6 (close)

Easy Kills 1

In Campaign or Multiplayer mode, a single melee attack to the back of the head will kill any opponent with few exceptions.

Easy Kills 2

if an opponent is standing still and you have a rocket launcher and a sword, aim your rocket launcher at the person than push \"Y\" and quickly after u push \"Y\" push \"R\". this will send you flying across the map and you will kill the opponent.

Easy hunter kill on outskirts

after you go thru the covenants head to the turret on the building. if you just keep firing at them on easy they die quick. other difficulties just take longer, but are still easy.

Snipe birds

Some levels in campaign mode, there will be birds. Get a sniper rifle or any gun that zooms in and shoot the birds. They will splatter apart.

Sniping location in Water Works

Fly up to the center machine in a Banshee. Park beside the ledge with the moving metal "shield". Go inside the room. The metal shield will block, and you have a very good view of half the level and a shield which repeatedly falls over, blocking you from enemies. If someone finds you, wait until the shield drops then run around the ledge to the other side of the level and start sniping from there.

Sniping locations at Coagulation

The best sniper spot is at the Blue base (the one with all the shadows), on the rocks above. Fly your Banshee there and land on a flat rock. You will be covered by shadows and have a view of the entire level.

Easy Sniping 3

Remember when you could kill hunters real easy just by hitting them in the orange spots on their back and their necks on halo1? Doesn't work anymore. In Halo 2 you have to have a sniper rifle and shoot them in the orange spots or throw 2 or 3 plasmas on them.;)

Easy Sniping 4

When playing multiplayer on lockout, if you spawn near the sniper rifle grab it and look downwards and you will easily be able to shoot the other team when they grab the sword.

Easy Sniping 5

In Couagulation, On The Right Of The Red Base, Fly A Banshee Up On The Mountain And You Will Find A Sort Of Flat Suface Get Out Of Your Banshee And The Banshee Will Fall Down But You Wont And There Is A Good Sniping Area

Easy sniping on headlong

get in the banshee and then head over to the warth hogs across the map then go up there's a platform with the banshee on top and have a beam rifle or a sniper and a rocket launcher to kill the other people with the rocket in a banshee once it returns hit with a heat seeking missile and stay up there.

Better sniping on blood gulch 1

At viewpoint from the blue base on the right, next to the blue base there is a rorock tower coming out of the cliff. fly a Banshee up to it and land on the top you can now snipe the whole gulch.

Better sniping on blood gulch 2

When in online mode in blood gultch get a sniper and go to the highest point you can and watch to see were the other team respawns and just aim there then look at the side bar to see who dies then get ready

Easy Sniping 2

This isn't a cheat but If you like to snipe people go to the city and get the banshee fly up to the top of the building that over looks the bar (the one that tilts to the side you are on). Before you go up there make sure you have a sniper rifle or a beam rifle You should have one of those and a rocket launcher (or both) From this spot you can easily get headshots. I believe the only weapon that you can get hit with (and killed) is the Sniper rifle (and beam rifle).