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Using the pistol Spitters

4 shots

Using guards

If you have a guard, if you get close enough to him, he will take care of almost anything for you. You will only need to fire if the creature is close to the guard.

Using the pistol Zombies

4 shots

Using the pistol Electric aliens

3 shots

Using the pistol Trip bomb

1 shot

Using the pistol Machinegun on stand

5 shots

Using the pistol Soldiers

5 shots

Using the pistol Dogs

3 shots

Defeating the giant alien on POWER UP

All you have to do is get about 10 bombs and throw them at him. He'll fight back but keep backing up far in the hall. Sooner or later he will blow up.

Using the pistol

Use the following trick to save ammo for all guns other than pistol. Most creatures or persons can be killed with five or less direct shots of the pistol.

Using the pistol Crabs

2 shots or 1 crowbar hit