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Best firt-person shooter avaible.

posted by TheCheese (STILLWATER, OK) Apr 24, 2006

Member since Jan 2005

Many of you XBox owners think that Halo 2 is all that. The best first-person shooter of all time, you say. Well, you've never played Half-Life 2 before. Half-Life 2 is the best game ever made. It used to be just for us high-end PC owners. But now it's made its' way onto the XBox. You people have no right in saying Halo 2 is the best anymore. Move over Master Cheif; Gordon Freeman will kick your Covenant-killing self all the way to Paraguay.

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Unfreakingbelievable i cant say enough

posted by javin70 (STATEN ISLAND, NY) Apr 23, 2006

Member since Feb 2006

I have to start by saying i am totally fed up with jumping out of my seat every time some crazy monster or creature would jump out and surprise me. That just goes to show you just how engrossed this game gets you. I can honestly say there have only been a handful of games in my lifetime that i have not been able to put down just because i wanted to see what would happen next. The only recent one is maybe God of War. But for FPS fans this game is a must buy the story is captivating and the environment just sucks u in. The graphics are rich and game play is on point i was actually a little bit disappointed towards the end where the game just became a little bit too easy compared with the rest of the maps especially around the middle. But overall i think this is one of the all time best games both visually and game play definitely do not miss this game...

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Almost as good as the PC

posted by moco300 (VANCOUVER, WA) Apr 20, 2006

Member since Dec 2004

I found HL2 to be almost as good on the Xbox as for the PC.

Pros: Faster load times compared to the PC. All of the content. It is as easy to use the Xbox controller as a keyboard, although not as swift for turning. Graphics are about as good as they get for Xbox. Only BLACK looks better.

Cons: Not as crystal clear as the PC, but PCs cost a lot more than Xbox. There are some frame rate issues that may not occur on the PC, but those are not that noticeable. I noticed that the graphics are similar to Far Cry Instincts in that the area immediately surrounding you is very clear, but things in the distance seem less sharp than on the PC.

Other thoughts: I have to say that the only reason people have given this game a rating lower than 9 or 9.5 is because it has no multiplayer and because it was released on the PC already. This is certainly the case with Gamespot's review. If the order of release were to be reversed they undoubtedly would have given the Xbox version 9. something and the PC version an 8 or so. Still it is a great game. If you love Sci-Fi and you love FPS games there are really very few that are better than this. As a matter of fact I am not aware of any better for the Xbox. Halo 2 is not as good as this game for its single player mode. Halo really wins because it has online play. Even if HL2 had online it would not be as good.

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