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Okay, the low reviews are just silly.

posted by TheDrue (DURHAM, NC) Oct 4, 2008

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First of all, there are five games available in this package, do not play just one of them and claim to know enough about the whole thing to give an accurate review. One person complained there were no iron sights, one other person claimed it was boring after FIFTEEN MINUTES, you don't even learn all of the game mechanics in fifteen minutes.

Half-Life 2 is one of the most well crafted games ever, and one of the best shooters of all time, while I don't think I will play the story all the way through a second time(it's LONG) it is a compelling story with great graphics, physics, AI, puzzles, voice acting, character development, and creature creativity.

The two Episodes are also good, if of course you enjoy the first installment. They are both as long as some other games that some reviewers seem to love, and they are of course not intended to be very long.

Team Fortress 2 is one of the most balanced class based shooters I have ever played(and I have played a majority of them out there) it has a unique artistic direction, a good sense of humor, unique gametypes and a clever new upgrade system on the way. Yes there were problems with matchmaking, but patches are something Valve pumps out very quickly, so instead of waiting 15 minutes, have a little patience ye gamers of little faith.

Then there's Portal, a game I was eagerly anticipating for a year prior to release and was very pleased with the end result. The story is very uniquely presented in a sort of narrative, the enemy is yourself, the puzzles get more and more clever(especially the advanced versions) GLaDOS is immensely entertaining, the sense of humor this game has is also very fun, mixed with the dark and sinister undertones, and the ending is a nice climax with a great lead up to a sequel.

This game is a buy for anyone who wants long and entertaining and challenging gameplay in a whole slough of shooters. Including some of the best reviewed games of all time.

Ignore the naysayers and make your own choice

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A Better Deal Than Halo 3?

posted by Twizlex (DAUPHIN, PA) Oct 12, 2007

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Not only do you get the critically acclaimed Half-Life 2, but you get the Episode One and Two expansions, Team Fortress 2 (an online versus multiplayer game), and Portal (a sort-of mini-game that involves teleportation portals). Even though Half-Life 2 came out in 2004, it still looks great on the 360. I would say that the graphics on the main game are not as good as they could be, but for Episodes One and Two they are just about the same quality as Halo 3, as hard as some people may find that to believe. The story is also fantastic, so even people that have played Half-Life 2 before should check this out just to get the Episode One and Episode Two content. In fact, this is such a great deal that I would recommend just going out and buying The Orange Box instead of renting it.

For anyone that may not know, you play as a scientist, Gordon Freeman, who accidentally opened a portal to another dimension and now fights to protect the world from the "aliens" that invaded through that portal. The coolest and most innovative feature is the Gravity Gun. It works much like how telekinesis works in Bioshock, but Half-Life 2 came out 3 years ago, so it was the originator. You can do awesome stuff like stop grenades mid-throw and launch them back at guys, pick up a saw blade and fling it through the air, move large obstacles out of your way, drop heavy objects on an enemy's head, and so on.

The only problem I really found with the game is the mid-level loading. Like Oblivion and Halo, you will occasionally get a pause in the action for some quick loading of upcoming terrain, but it's not quite so quick in Half-Life 2. Sometimes these loads take a good 30 seconds, which really blows when you're in the middle of doing something.

Regardless, magazines and websites all over the place are giving The Orange Box better scores on average than Bioshock and Halo 3. Basically, if you love either of those games, you should love this game too, if not even more.

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one of the greatest shooters of all time

posted by RUNDAS (SAN DIEGO, CA) Aug 21, 2009

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I bought this game at Target for 20$ and to be honest its extremley well put together
Story: Okay so this is for Half Life 2 if you've played HL2 you already know what the story's about but i'll fill you in for those of you who don't know Gordon Freeman from the first game goes to City 17 a sort of concentration camp where it's ruled by Wallace Breen so Gordon teams up with resistance fighters to overthrow the Combine the story is kind of generic but the characters are so 3 Demensinonal that you can connect and feel sorry for them and that's what makes the story so intriguing.
Gameplay: Half Life 2 is the typical First Person Shooter so im not going to go into to much detail Team Fortress 2 is a sort of next gen Counter Strike if there is one two teams red or blue with nine classes each pretty much blow stuff up Prtal is not a first person shooter but rather a puzzle game told from a first person perspective its challenging addictive and a suprise hit for the game.
Graphics: the Source engine for Half Life 2 is beggining to show its age but Team Fortress 2 has an incredible art style almost like a pixar film designed by the army.
Sound: this game exceeds in sound but what it really succeeds in is voice over work most of them are voice actors with some celebrity voice talent like Robert Culp Michelle Forbes and Robert Guillaume but the characters have real emotion and so its easy to love or hate someone Glados from Portal is extremeley likable with a dark sense of humor and an obvious parody of HAL 9000 from 2001: A Space Odyssey.
replay value: this is definentley worth whatever you're gonna pay for it 5 games on one disc is incredible buy this game
story 9/10
gameplay 10/10
graphics 9/10
sound 10/10
replay value 10/10
final score 10/10

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