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.Hack: Infection (Part 1)

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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Master Blades

In the last level, Data Drain the Orges and you will get a more powerful weapon, named Master Blades.

Monieur level ups

If you go to the Spring Of Mist, Monsieur will ask if you dropped a Golden Axe or a Silver Axe. If you say "Neither" he will either decrease or increase the level of the weapon or piece of armor. If it is too powerful to level up, he will give your weapon/armor back and a Golden Axe and a Silver Axe. The increase or decrease depends on the atmospheric conditions, as follows. Atmosphere / Weapon Effect / Armor Effect Afternoon / +2 levels / -1 level Evening / +1 level / +1 level Night / +1 level / +1 level Clouds / +2 levels / -1 levels Rain / -1 level / +2 levels Thunder / -1 level / +2 levels Snow / -1 level / +2 levels

Opposites The characters in game and the television series .hack//sign are similar in appearances, b

Game - Series Gardinea - BT Orca - Bear BlackRose - Mimiru Marlo - Silver Knight Nuke Usagimaru - Crim Moonstone - Sora Terajima Ryoku - Subaru Natsume - A-20 Elk - Tsukasa

How to get an Iron Grunty

To get an iron grunty feed a little grunty as follows: 4 piney apples, 3 snaky cactusus, 12 golden eggs