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.Hack: G.U. Vol. 1 - Rebirth

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Another .Hack Masterpiece

posted by DNaraku (MOBILE, AL) Nov 15, 2006

Member since Sep 2005

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.Hack: G.U. Vol. 1 - Rebirth is the latest video game installment in the famous .Hack series. This game takes place after events in the series entitled .Hack//Roots. You assume a main character named Haseo who is searching for the mysterious PK (Player-Killer) known only as Tri-Edge who bears a striking resemblance to the main character from the previous .Hack games. Your adventure will bring you across many friends and foes alike and a story that only the .Hack name can bring.

While the characters may mostly bear all the same looks, the deteal put into the background of the Root Towns and Areas you visit are amazing. Easily the best I've seen in any givin RPG (excluding Final Fantasy of course).The cutscenes are also something to behold as they put much more detail into the character designs and the shading of all the characters are very well done.

Now this is where I have to say I really enjoyed the game. The new battle system makes use of all your skills and not just mindlessly mashing the X button over and over until your fingers fall off. The Skill Trigger allows you to unleash powerful attacks doing much more damage than regular attacks while stopping your enemy in their tracks of a move they might've been trying to pull off. Also, if you pull of a Skill Trigger when your enemy is surrounded in Purple and Pink circles, you can unleash a RenGeki which does even more damage than a normally executed Skill Trigger. They also introduce a new mode called "Awakenings" which, if you have built up enough Morale, allow you to unleash a powerful assault using all 3 members of your party.

All in all, I say this game is a must for all .Hack fans out there but for a conventional RPG'er I would suggest renting it.

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.Hack Is Awesome

posted by UVAisking (WAYNESBORO, VA) May 24, 2007

Member since Nov 2006

6 out of 6 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

I may be a fanboy of the show and the mangas, but the game showed them all, because it was five times better than both of them combined. They put memorable characters, and a story that makes the game move along quickly and calmly. Although some people say that the story is confusing, it is because they are just playing this game as just something to do. You can tell that the developers planned for this game to be for people who like .Hack, watch the shows, and read the mangas. All in all the graphics were amazing, sounds were excellent and the actual gameplay was quick, fastpaced, and leaving you wanting more.

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A Must Play For .Hack Fans

posted by Owninator (TRACY, CA) Nov 6, 2006

Member since Sep 2005

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I will be writing this review in comparison to the original .Hack games:


The story in this game is extremely better than the previous .Hack installments.The plotline is much more clear,easy to understand,and much more suspenseful.Even a new player to the .Hack series will be able to clearly understand the storyline.


The cutscenes in this game are marvelous.The graphics have been very well improved and provide a much more enjoyable gaming experience.The only drawback is that the area in this game,like the previous versions,look identical but have different pathways.

-Battle system(9/10):

The battle system have undergone a MAJOR makeover and is much more fun and requires much more skill to maneuver.This leads to more exciting battles unlike the previous .Hack games in which you just constantly pound on the X button. It could still use some work and will most likely be better with the next upcoming games as people progress in levels,but at the moment it can get repetitive after a while.


This game is extremely fun in comparison to the original series. It has many suspenseful parts in the storyline,and has a nice little surprise in the end of the game if you convert data from the original games.


Although this game is lacking in equipment in comparison to the original games,it has many more ways to customize your equipment such as adding items to making them stronger.A lot of the equipment is also unique in how it attacks.


This is the game's major drawback.The game is extremely entertaining but very short.The cliffhanger at the end makes you want to play even more. It looks like that they have chosen quality over quantity,which in this case,is good after looking at the previous .Hack games.
Overall: 10/10

I reccomend this game to anybody that loves .Hack or rpgs. This game has left me with one question:

Is the next game out yet?!?! :

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