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Decent flight simulator

posted by Arshus1 (INDIANAPOLIS, IN) Dec 16, 2011

Member since Apr 2010

HAWX is a good game. The graphics are so so. The sound fx are something to be desired. The number of planes to fly is great. The weapons range and destructive powers are very different and show with the damage given. The voice acting is decent and the story is ok. The ability to have online wingmen on all stages is cool. The progression of the game is continual and everyone shares the experience earned to access unlockables like new planes and weapon packages. The images of the planes is where the game shines. I found myself playing in free flight mode often. Trying the different planes, climbing to insane altitudes and watching my plane stall and then seeing how long I can keep it stalled then catching it before I hit the ground was just fun and beautiful to watch. However, this is just another version of the last Ace Combat for PS2. I couldnt tell a difference between the graphics. The planes stats like speed, handling, and armor are just something to look at and have very subtle differences in gameplay. I put this to the test and was just bumed out. The fastest plane in the game could not outrun the pattern layed out for the levels. So no matter what this was the direction you had to go. This is what you had to do. It doesnt matter how fast your plane is. This is the level design and thats it. Levels are repetitive, with no real challenge. Some straight from what worked with Ace Combat. AI wingmen are just dumb and do very little. That being said. What works in the game is what they took from Ace Combat for PS2. Which isnt all that bad but, for current generation consoles its not enough for a $15-$10 pricetag. I could get Ace Combat for my PS2 and still have more fun with that than with HAWX. As always thnx for your time reading my review. Game on

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it was good enough

posted by guyuknoe (CONCORD, MA) Jul 9, 2011

Member since Jan 2011

overall 7/10

game play 9/10
honestly one of the best simulators i have ever played for a console, the OFF mode is insane and then being able to switch to assistance ON quickly is a really help for guided missiles

graphics 8/10
nothing to outstanding other than how smooth everything is

re-playability 1/10
best reason to rent there is no reason to replay it as the community for it is very small for the duration i had it, only about 30-40 online at one time max. plus no missions really made me want to play them again as in other simulators, and for that reason i had to force myself to fight through the monogamous mission again. this is where this the game suffers.

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no that great

posted by tntinsualtion (SANDUSKY, MI) Mar 28, 2011

Member since Mar 2011

ace combat is more fun.

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