Rent Gunvalkyrie for Xbox
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Gameplay Controls

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Left Thumbstick Move Character
Right Thumbstick Move View/Gun Sight
B Button Change Weapon
X Button Change Weapon
Y Button Change Weapon
White Button Display Map
Black Button Display Elapsed Time
Left Trigger Boost Jump
Right Trigger Attack
Start Pause
Combo #1 Boost Jump: Pull and hold Left Trigger
Combo #2 Boost Dash: Move up and hold Left Thumbstick, then click and hold Left Thumbstick button simultaneously
Combo #3 Hovering: While executing a Boost Dash, quickly move the Left Thumbstick in the opposite direction
Combo #4 Side/Back Boost: Move and hold the Left Thumbstick left/down/right, then click and hold the Left Thumbstick button simultaneously
Combo #5 Turning Around/Changing Direction Quickly: Move the Right Thumbstick left/down/right, then click the Right Thumbstick simultaneously
Combo #6 GV Napalm: Click both Left and Right Thumbstick buttons simultaneously.