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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Valley 2 Halley's Core Piece

Look in the floating platform area with the strong air currents,  above and to the right of the north exit.

Valley 3 Halley's Core Piece

Search in the area that looks like where the Drive Gun is found in the Valley 1 level.

Yggdrasill 1 Halley's Core Piece

Found next to the wall, about half way down.

Yggdrasill 2

Next to the wall, about half way up.

Civilian Base 1 Halley's Core Piece

In the room that has the three plasma hook things, there is a small room near the roof of the area. The room is facing the way to the next room.

Civilian Base 2 Halley's Core Piece

Go up one level at the narrow shaft, then fall off the side. Go down by using the areas in the corners.

Civilian Base 3 Halley's Core Piece

Look for five SVN drones in a star formation after falling most of the way down. Enter the door on this level. The piece is under the platform just beyond it.

Naglfars Pit 1 Halley's Core Piece

Look under the platform that you start on.

Naglfars Pit 2 Halley's Core Piece

It is in very middle of the level, on the ground.

Valley 1 Halley's Core Piece

It is in the highest platform area of the second set of mushrooms.