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Not Enough Control To Be Fun

posted by mhay68 (CARY, NC) Dec 16, 2006

Member since Nov 2005

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I was excited about this game... until I played it.

The thing that really ruined it for me is the tedious nature of the actual gameplay. You can only swap tiles vertically. You can only swap two tiles. You end up fighting the buttons to be able to move a piece up the screen quickly enough to avoid losing: move the focus rectangle, swap, move the focus rectangle, swap, ... there should another be a way to move a tile up, or down.

The game doesn't use all of the buttons on the PSP. Instead of mapping both (triangle) and (square) to swap and both (x) and (circle) to advance, why not use only one button for swap, one button for advance, one button for slide up (move the focus rectangle and current tiles up), and one button for slide down (move the focus rectangle and current tiles down)?

Further, why only allow vertical swaps? The game would be a lot more interesting if the player could make horizontal swaps too. There could be a button that changed the orientation of the focus rectangle. Heck, nudging the analog stick could do it. The analog stick just advances the play board right now, and as I said above, there are already two other button to do that.

Aside from that... the game can be agonizingly short, if you don't get pieces in all of the columns, then there's no way you can avoid disaster.

The skins and music are well done. Remind me of Lumines. Now that is a great game. The user has more control, and more ways to succeed in Lumines. Imagine playing Lumines without the ability to move blocks to a different column. That's what playing Gunpey is like.

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Everyone's right

posted by IronDiva (WAYNE, NJ) Jan 23, 2007

Member since Sep 2006

2 out of 2 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

Play Lumines II instead. It's a lot more interesting and easier. There aren't a lot of options as to where you can move the pieces in Gunpey. I basically share the same opinions that other reviewers (user and critic) have. I'm ready to send this back already, because Lumines blows this game out of the water.

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Awesome, but only if you are good at it!

posted by mage626 (CANONSBURG, PA) May 1, 2007

Member since Feb 2007

This game is fun and addicting, just like Luminees and E3. The only catch is that while all three require a great deal of skill in the game to advance or unlock new things, Gunpey takes a LOT of skill!

The average Luminees player can get a bunch of skins an modes after an hour of play, but with Gunpey, I put my all into that game for a couple days and only unlocked 2 new skins out of what seemed like 15 or twenty. I got high scores in every mode and still unlocked next to nothing!

Great game for mindless puzzle stuff, but if you want to listen to more than one or two songs and see a couple skins you either need to be great at teh game or you're just out of luck

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