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Very Good

Thank you Red!

posted by Cubsnbeans (KILLEEN, TX) Jan 2, 2008

Member since Dec 2007

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Gungrave Overdose is a breath of fresh air on this console, but to be honest, if you want to really appreciate this title play Gungrave. It is based on this fact that I rate it so high! The camera, sound, music, physics, graphics and most importantly the movement have been revamped for this higher budget sequel of this cult manga. The new found freedom with your movement is your savior in this high paced game as you assume the role of the un-dead Grave to blow through everyone in your way. you have new specials but the ability to heal yourself is not available from the beginning. The only downside that I see with Overdose is the fact that the target switch is utterly useless! Completley needed, but nonexsistant in the first game. This new ability is nothing but a mere hinderance and WILL GET YOU KILLED if you keep trying to use it. Also I liked it when the phrase "Kick their BLANK" just crashed together when the level loaded. In this game they opted out to give it it's own full screen which I thought was kind of lame. The game was based off of the manga written by the same creator as Trigun. So nothing at all falls short in that catoglory. Sound is way better from screams to gunshots. All in all Gungrave = rent - Gungrave Overdose = BUY ME!!!

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GF Rating

Very Good

Explosions are pretty.

posted by OMGmyFACE (BEAVERTON, OR) Jun 9, 2006

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Any game that stars an undead dude with two guns and a giant coffin that he can swing at people gets me interested. Even moreso when the beginning of every stage exclaims "Kick Their A22 (gamefly censorship is wow)!!" Gungrave Overdose... I mean, wow. This game is really a lot of what you're used to and you get the gist of how it'll play like within the first few minutes, but it's a fine and dandy guilty pleasure with funny cutscenes and arcade style shoot-'em-up action. If you're a fan of the anime, you might enjoy the game a bit more but it's not required. In fact, this game is Devil Kings with guns so just plow through hundreds of people with guns blazing, hit dudes in the face with a coffin, and wreck everything in sight - like cars or supermarket aisles.

The controls are super easy to get the hang of, but the camera and lock on functions seem broken or at least not completed. I mean, you don't really need to lock on to anyone at all since you can blast holy vengeance through anything you're facing, including any and all pillars or walls blocking your aim. A lot of the game is lacking music, sadly, but most of what you'll hear are muffled Virtua Cop sounding voice overs and lots and lots of gunshots and explosions. The boss music, however, is crazy and is guaranteed to pump you up. By the time you see "Kick Their A22!!" again, you've got that evil grin going.

My main problem with the game besides the lockon/camera? Devil Kings with guns. You're sure to get bored of the run, blast everything that exists, run, blast everything that exists formula eventually and will put the game down for a bit. But I doubt this game was meant to be taken more seriously and I personally think it should be treated as a guilty pleasure gaming experience where you can just cut through loads of enemies whenever you're feeling the urge to blow stuff up instead of writing some MySpace poetry to Fort Minor.

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gun grave overdose review

posted by timmyrock (LEMOORE, CA) Nov 4, 2008

Member since Oct 2008

I think that the game was good but I did not understand how to play it. it took me a while to get and once I got it I beat the game in 2 days.

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