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Gundam Seed: Battle Assault


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Gameplay Controls

Gundam Seed: Battle Assault

GamePlay: Refer to the in-game Training Mode to learn various special attacks and refine your Gundam pilot skills.

Control Pad UP = Jump. DOWN = Crouch. LEFT/RIGHT = Move towards/away from your opponent. Double-tap forward or backward = Dash towards or away from your opponent. Hold back = Guard. Hold back-down = Crouching Guard.
A Button Fire Gundam's standard missile weapon. Pressing while pressing forward on the Control Pad will trigger a different long-range shot.
B Button Gundam's short-range weaponry. Pressing the B Button in conjunction with the Control Pad can launch a wide variety of melee attacks.
L Button Hold Down on the Control Pad and press the L Button to drive your Gundam Berserk. Going Berserk will gradually deplete PS, but raises attack power and allows the player to trigger the Ultimate Attack! Activate the Ultimate Attack by repeating the above button command (hold Down and press the L Button).
R Button Hold down to activate your Gundam's thrusters.