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Nice addition to the series

posted by yourself (Battle Creek, MI) Jan 29, 2009

Member since Dec 2008

I love Guitar Hero... There's few games that can make you feel truly immersed like this series does, instantly transforming you from "dork in a living room" to "superstar arena rock god"... despite the fact that you're only holding a cheap plastic guitar thingy and still look like a complete dork to any nearby observers. That's gotta be the definition of immersed!

GH: World Tour moves their now familiar gamer-becomes-rockstar bar higher by adding player controlled drums and vocals to the mix (in an obvious effort to stay competitive against Rock Band), and does so swimmingly for a game that boasts only "Guitar" in the title.

The vocals seem to be programmed very well, allowing for some slight imperfections on the lower difficulties and enforcing perfection at expert level. Lyrics can scroll or just be static at the top of the screen, both work well but be advised that the font is small, if you're using a TV under 32" you'll have some trouble reading the lyrics you don't already know. As a nice touch, any USB mic can be used on the Wii, no GH specific device is needed.

Drums are acceptable, but if you're not a drummer they're quite difficult when you progress past beginner. You can't use your Rock Band drums on GH:WT, but these drums will work with RB... go figure. There’s also a MIDI jack on the back of the drum kit allowing you real drummers to play GH:WT with a real electronic drum kit. Nice!

Guitars are still the same- awesome. Surprise!

Overall I'd rank this a solid 7, there's ton's of songs spanning a multitude of genres, the animations are good (WAY better than Wii GH:Aerosmith, that was worse than those animatronic singing bears at Dollywood... Heck, the Tool set is magnificent to watch even if you don't like any of the songs). The difficulties seem about right, and beginner mode allows anyone who can bang the strum bar in time (it doesn't matter what fret you hit) to play- Grandparents are in! Nice addition to the series.

Rent it and ROCK!

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miss old guitar hero

posted by doadoumie (ROLLING HILLS ESTATES, CA) Jan 4, 2009

Member since Mar 2008

Although this game brings a new twist in the guitar hero series it deminishes the gameplay expierence. I love to play legends of rock...but the new you guitar hero sort of brings false hope. I wish it was more like legends of rock although i will admit the songs are a lot better. and one last thing whats up with begginer as if easy wasnt easy enough.

P.S this game is ten times easier on expert than legends of rock

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Good selection of songs, but it's no Rock Band

posted by NYC510 (NORTH SALEM, NY) Nov 15, 2008

Member since Nov 2008

Guitar Hero is back but this time it takes note from Rock Band. Now you can play with guitar, drums, and/or mic. But is it better than Rock Band?
Sadly I would have to say no. The only thing that is a nice improvement over its rival is its drum peripheral. Look for images on it, the cymbals are now raised, and there are five pads in total. Its more realistic. For some reason after playing Rock Band for awhile the round notes don't quite feel right to the more bar notes in RB.
Songwise there is a good varied selection. Weirdly both GH and RB have some of the same songs. But the character customization on the Wii isn't quite the same as I was promised on the 360. It's good but no Sims.
Now I hate to be comparing it to RB so much but RB further revolutionized the music genre after GH. But I'm going to have to say when you choose between the two $190 sets, go with Rock Band, then rent this.

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