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Very Good

Nice to go back

posted by Energyvet (ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS, NJ) Dec 22, 2009

Member since Mar 2008

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As someone who began playing Guitar Hero with Guitar Hero World Tour, I find it GREAT to be able to go back and play the best of I, II, and III, without having to rent/buy each individually! So, for all of you hammering it for being a rehash, remember, some of us have never seen these songs previously.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Here we go again...

posted by EvelEnivel (TAMPA, FL) Jun 17, 2009

Member since May 2009

28 out of 44 gamers (64%) found this review helpful

I only rented this to play the tracks that weren't available on 360 before.

I like the fact that they replaced all the covers with master tracks. Makes it feel more genuine, as far as fake plastic rock goes. The volume of the tracks could be turned up a tad.

In terms of playability, some tracks are more dumbed-down than previously recorded. Of course, some are more amped up in terms of difficulty.

Good rent. Finished in a day, though. Since I played the majority of these songs in II and above, The magic wears off real fast.

At least there wasn't an abundance of emo and pop junk like World Tour. For that alone I give it a thumbs-up.

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GF Rating

Above Average

A Step back in the Series

posted by snooguns (HOUSTON, TX) Jul 16, 2009

Member since Jul 2009

6 out of 9 gamers (67%) found this review helpful

Alas, after playing Guitar Hero: Metallica I was expecting this game to take a step up and be better. I knew that this game was just going to be a gimmick using songs that previous Guitar Hero games used but putting them into a full band scenario. As I mentioned, I enjoyed Metallica so I thought that this game deserves a shot. Just to make this short and sweet, I will give the goods and the bad and let you guys decide what the deal is.


1. Pretty good song list including Shout at the Devil, Bark at the Moon, Play with Me, More than A Feeling, Cherry Pie, and other Guitar Hero favorites
2. Decent graphics, not as good as Metallica or Rock band IMO but not too bad.
3. Lars in an Egyptian Pharoahish type of suit, that is pretty funny.


1. Of the time that I have had the game, I could not find anyone to play with online for quickplay. Would be more fun, but none of my buddies play Guitar Hero (they are Rock Band fans)
2. Even though the song list is good and are master tracks, I did not like Cowboys from Heck (gotta love the edit on Game Fly) live. Also, where was Iron Man ( I love Ozzy/Sabbath)
3. Unlike Metallica, achievement hunters HAVE to play all 48 songs regardless of stars earned, in order to complete the career mode. Also, the achievement for finishing all careers is 35 gamer points versus 150 for the other Guitar Hero games.
4. In order to play games from World Tour or Metallica, a disc change is required. I have to give Rock Band 2 props the fact that you can play all of your Rockband songs with the disc for rockband 2.

Overall, the game is above average. Just a little annoying for achievement hunters. The song list is strong as I mentioned, but there are a couple of songs missing. I would most likely have given this game a 7 or so if the online wasn't so sparce. I recommend this title for all music fans of Guitar Hero, just don't expect anything new here. Next entry needs to consolodate all of the music to one disc.

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