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Same Old Game

posted by GotGame36 (SAINT PETERS, MO) Jan 20, 2010

Member since Dec 2007

It's my fault for renting this.......

They didn't make any changes at all. Same characters, same guitars, same story line...etc.....etc. This is just another boring Guitar Hero game with the same songs we have already played.

The volume of the songs is way to low. I adjusted them in the options but still could not get it right.

Guitar Hero is starting to remind me of the Dynasty Warrior series games which they make part 6 but change nothing and still want you to buy it even though you played it in part 1-5.

Waste of a rent in my opinion.

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posted by mgscj26 (BLOOMFIELD HILLS, MI) Jul 27, 2009

Member since Dec 2008

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It's a shame I can't give it a score lower than one.


1. If you've played GH games before, you get literally nothing new with this, outside of the ability to play as the other instruments on songs you may have already purchased.
2. Online play is aggravating, and frustrating. GH seems to attract people who love metal above all else, and consider anything not metal as being pop, and as such, you don't get to play it since people quit.
3. The characters fall into the uncanny valley, and are creepy.
4. With each new Guitar Hero game, the fan base gets more and more split up, making finding people to play with, harder and harder. All of these expansions should have been downloadable content, but Activision dropped the ball on that so badly they can't even track down where it rolled off to.
5. The sync never seems quite right, which is, well, imperative for a rhythm game.
6. This applies to all of them, but if you're a drummer, hitting both cymbals doesn't make a lot of sense when you deploy your "magic lightning power". It forces you to drop the beat, and mash a hideous flam into the middle of whatever you're doing.
7. (Also applies to series) They still make the highway aggravating to look at, and difficult to read. I don't need a scrolling drawn background, I need to see the notes clearly.
8. The difficulty of the songs seems random. Some of these tracks seem to be made senselessly hard, while others far too easy.
9. It's nice to make a new instrument, but why must they always be too large for my hideous character?

If they don't realize that Rock Band 2 has solved almost all of the above issues (especially concerning keeping the fan base on one game by making all tracks available without switching discs) then Activision is actively digging their own grave.

Guitar Hero took an awesome concept that they started, and by one cash grab disc after another, turned it into a train full of excrement derailing into a failure pile.

The disc was clean.

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Really Bad

What again

posted by shadowfig (INDEPENDENCE, MO) Nov 21, 2009

Member since Nov 2009

same as the rest of the guitar heros except one thing your playing a collection of the old songs from the ones released before this over again kinda repeating its self we were very disapointed in this game one up side theres a couple songs that you could not have played unless you played it on playstation other than that the graphics and options are the same as the newer ones hope this helps

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