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Guitar Hero: Metallica

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Game and songs are awesome!

posted by Roclord (AURORA, CO) Mar 19, 2013

Member since May 2010

As a Metallica DISCIPLE (was on their side during the Napster issues) I love this game, as a former guitar player (forced to stop after my Muscular Dystrophy made holding down strings impossible) it's great to be able to play the riffs of my favorite band. I also love the Metallica songs, although in my opinion the Metallica Turn the Page is better. I also love the animations and the way you can customize the GH:3 guitarists, like Pandora and the others. Love this game, it is very challenging at times but this is Metallica and they are a legendary Guitar Band

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Great music, but nothing else.

posted by Kapn_Krispy (HENDERSON, NV) Aug 5, 2011

Member since Jun 2011

Don't bother with this game. Even if you are a multi-decade fan of 'tallica like myself the game play lacks severely. I'd just rather not play their music and play a better quality game in the Rock Band franchise (any of the 3 major titles or individual specialty games, pick one and I guarantee it's better than GHM). I gave it a 4 based solely on the top choice tracks, but the menu interface is ridiculous and non-intuitive, the in game interface between controller and screen is labored at best (with the old school wired GH II controller, GHWT wireless or RB3 wireless).

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Very Good

Greatest guitar hero game for metal heads!

posted by ironsabbath1408 (LAREDO, TX) Jul 30, 2011

Member since Jul 2011

I have bben a huge fan of metallica for a long time, and this game just blew my mind i couldnt help the fact how they got so much info right on the metallifacts. The game has a few minor problems. Nothing to make amybody hate this game though. The guitar in the game was perfect(we are talking from the perspective the game is giving us towards kirk and james). The guitar playing was flawless, it actually looked like they where playing it. The couldve worked on it more, when the drummer would hit the crash, the song wouldnt, and the vocals where excellent. The graphics may have a little problems in this game but the gameplay was far too good to worry about them.
The song selection isnt really something a thrash lover would like, or an early metallica fan aas in the song variety was ok, thats what gives this game an 8. I wouldve loved it far more if the game had less from other bands and more from kill em all, rife the lightning, and master of puppets, it had quite enough for and justice for all just missed blackened and it wouldve had it. Has\d a good chunk form ride the lightning just not the song itself nor trapped under ice and master of puppets, i could deal with that it was only missing damage inc but that wouldve been a really difficult song for the people looking for a challenge.
The other somewhat bad part was that they had other bands other than metallica, but since metallica chose those certain bands and songs saved that part of the gamw, not to mention that metallica has covered a few of those songs.
The online face off, battle, band co-op, etc... was great i loved it i couldnt stop for a while but theres no complaining. The game needed DLC to complete the awesomeness of the game a pack for kill em all and ride the lightning would have done it for me.
The difficulty isnt so difficult for me but for others it will keep them from clicking on that expert difficulty. I am a drummer for the game so i could tell you the expert plus real good!

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