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Guitar Hero: Metallica

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Flat-Out Amazing!

posted by miaheat1 (WELLINGTON, FL) Mar 31, 2009

Member since Jan 2006

39 out of 45 gamers (87%) found this review helpful

This is probably the best Gamefly game I've ever rented! It has around 55 songs and about 30-35 Metallica songs. Almost every well-known Metallica song is on this game unlike GH Aerosmith.

The riffs for guitar and bass are flat out insanely fun to play. Sad But True is my favorite guitar song of any rhythm game. The drums are awesome they have a new expert+ mode which is expert but it factors in the double bass pedal that you can plug in. I wouldn't reccomend playing this unless you purchase a 2nd bass pedal. The reason this got a 9 instead of 10 is because the vocal system still falls short of Rock Band, but it is improved from GH World Tour.

The gameplay is what makes this game so much fun though. While playing a Metallica song you play as the band. It feels like you are actually playing a Metallica concert, and man is it a great feeling! Flames come out, and some of their movemnts are really cool.

It's not all Metallica, and the other bands they put in are almost as good as Metallica. Some of the bands include: Alice in Chains, Lynard Skynard, Queen, Foo Fighters, Bob Seger, Slayer, and many more!

Pick this up for sure, even if you don't like Metallica get/rent this game, because you'll find something in it you like. This is the hardest Guitar Hero so even if you dislike the band you'll enjoy the challenge.

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Very Good

A Good move forward for the GH franchise

posted by Dwoop33 (RIVERVIEW, FL) Apr 4, 2009

Member since Jan 2006

8 out of 10 gamers (80%) found this review helpful

After playing the Aerosmith, I wasn't expecting much but after playing it the first night, I ended up keeping this one. The updated graphics and the song set list are great on their own merit but the extra features and time put in this game are shown off well.
First, you unlock more features for a song after you complete it, and sometimes you get an occasional music video or bootleg of concert footage. The band members looking frighteningly real like they're playing along with you or for you and the music covers a the whole span of the group well. I would have loved to have more music of course for a full fledged new game title but you get alot more than with GH:A.
My other main gripe besides the Death Magnet content download, there seems to be no support for any future or World Tour song downloads which still has me puzzled after being long time fans and supporters it seems like Activision and the Red O gang could care less about "hooking up their fans" like the Harmonix and MTV gang does regularly.
The bonus content and extras along with the nice set list, although a few songs like the Foo Fighters one mainly, are duds...makes a good case in purchasing this game for fans of Metallica or Metal or both. For those about to rock...Metallica suites you well.

8 out of 10

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GF Rating

Very Good

Better than World Tour, but still has problems.

posted by iShayman (ROSAMOND, CA) Jun 14, 2009

Member since Jan 2008

3 out of 4 gamers (75%) found this review helpful

This game was good, but the problems from GH:WT are still present in GH:M.

While the game is overall fun, the online is abysmal. The amount of problems with the online are many.

The setlist is good. But since the game is $60 and there are only 45 songs in the game, you're paying about $1.25 per song. Plus the only DLC for the game is the Metallica album Dead Magnetic, so there isn't as much longevity as Rock Band 2.

The game is very difficult, but very fun. The riffs and solos are fast, and a lot of the problems with purple hammer-ons from GH:WT are there, but not as apparent. The problems with vocals are also here again, but once again not as bad as in GH:WT.

The videos in between featuring art about Metallica are not as well done as previous games, but still enjoyable.

Gamplay 9/10
Online 4/10
Art 7/10
Design 6/10
Music 9/10
Overall 8/10

While the technical problems for the game are here, most of the game you will be staring at a fretboard playing. The music and enjoyment of the charts are all that really matters, and in this note the game succeeds. But the online and instrument problems lessen the experience.

Worth a try if you really enjoy Guitar Hero and Metallica. But don't expect to not play Rock Band 2 for more than 5 days.

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