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Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock


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Also on:PS3, PS2, Wii
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the pros and con of this game

posted by crua99 (COCOA BEACH, FL) Oct 30, 2007

Member since Jul 2007

pro: 1. better looks
2. new songs
3. u dont have to buy a new guitar
4. it feels like gh2

con: 1. if u dont like gh2 u wont like this, but if u like gh2 u might luv this game
2. it still not like playing a real guitar
3. the timing is not there
4. even with new songs, theres alot of bad ones
5. the saying that this game was built from the ground up is a lie bc gh2 and 3 is alike
same people, no new tricks, you can tell it a gh2 with dif songs and better grapichs

over all if u like gh2 u might like this but i didnt and im happy that i didnt buy it but rent it.

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GF Rating

Very Good

9/10 - Excellent / GH3 answers many prayers

posted by RooRphx (IRVINE, CA) Oct 30, 2007

Member since Dec 2006

Being an old hand at rhythm games ranging from Konami's Guitar Freaks, DDR and Beatmania to Harmonix's Frequency and Amplitude, I've played this type of game in excess for a good long time. I must say GH3:LoR is fantastic in it's execution, from it's vastly improved performance animations, satisfying gameplay, epic setlist and much more forgiving gameplay. The improved graphics are always a plus, but bemani games(the japanese term for the rhythm genre) have never been about the visuals. While more difficult than the previous iteration, it's not as immense as the difference between GH and GH2 (Thankfully, because GH2 is pretty tough to GH's pedestrian difficulty). The new Boss Battles are a nice touch, as are the guest guitarists and the welcome new game modes. The track variety is top notch and most appear to be the original master tracks. Kudos for including Dead Kennedys, Weezer, Metallica, and more White Zombie! All in all, this game is great, not perfect, but pretty damned great. 9/10

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GF Rating


Are you ready to ROCK?

posted by OmarSafwan (SHELBY TOWNSHIP, MI) Oct 29, 2007

Member since Jun 2006

By now, you have probably heard of Guitar Hero. Whether you heard it was good or awesome, it was one fun game a lot of people can get into. The newest entry in the series makes no exception and is the first time to be released on a Wii or PS3. This time it has a story but you won't care. Though it probably has one of the best licensed soundtracks in a game. Plus you get a new guitar modeled after the Les Paul(if you have a PS2, you will get the Kramer Pacer). The new guitar is a vast improvement. Multiple places to put the strap, better fret buttons and strum bar, stronger whammy bar, detachable neck, and removable faceplates. The graphics are nothing special but better. It has new modes like Battle mode where you play a whole song through trying to make your opponent fail before you and you can play online(!!!!!!!!!!) there is no lag whatsoever... I'm not joking. Though if you are new to the series you love it just like the veterans, but this game is HARD. It is the most difficult entry yet. his is an amazing game. Though the price may be steep. It is still worth it.

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