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Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock


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Rocks Steady

posted by Buzzsaw (WINTER HAVEN, FL) Nov 2, 2007

Member since Jul 2007

4 out of 8 gamers (50%) found this review helpful

Good game, definitely worth the rent. Nothing different then the same game as the ones before, just with new songs.

Yes there are additions to the game play with the bosses and the guitar battles, but nothing new majorly.

Great new music, but the graphics are same as before, nothing new to report. Bottom line is - look up the song list and if the music there is to your liking, Rent this thang ;)

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Really Bad

Seriously upset at this game....

posted by EderPaz (LOS ANGELES, CA) Jan 17, 2008

Member since Oct 2007

3 out of 6 gamers (50%) found this review helpful

and where it's gone. It feels like this is an actual band, good times its first time out, outstanding its sophmore year.... then sells out it's third, and consequently just wants to make money afterwards instead of great music/games.

I jumped back to GH2 and found that the music was not only way better, but it really felt like you were playing a challenging Guitar list. You really felt like... DUH! a guitar hero. The point of this game was to have killer riffs, and the people at Neversoft and Activision killed that dream that Harmonix had. All this game seems to do is have double notes and long notes the whole way through. Way to get lazy guys. The "good" people behind those "let's release a Tony Hawk game every year once a year for the next 20 years" seem to be on the road to do this for GH.

Seriously, it felt like the geniuses said,"Hey, this game is catching on, come up with any song idea that you wanna see in a game and we'll see if this is possible in 3 months."

THE KILLERS?!?!?! When do u think "awesome guitar riffs" when you thing the Killers? I mean.... MY GOD!! Some of these songs seem out of left-field. I also think they paid attention to too much of the older crowd in their 30's-40's that picked up this game and cried for more oldies cause a good chunk of these songs are from the 80's (hello, that's what rock the 80's was for) this also means that much of the music blows.

Don't get me wrong, some songs are surefire classics, but I've heard these songs from the 90's a little too much on the radio already. GH 2 introduced me to some quality music.... not this game.

The only thing i'll say is this that should sum up my frustration. I'm sorry Harmonix. I should have invested in your game Rock Band instead of this garbage. You're list in music is alot more diverse and better than what GH 3 offers.

Don't be surprised if GH 4-9 come out in respective years.

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This game is a waste of time...

posted by VampPsy (ROBINSON, IL) Jul 21, 2008

Member since Jan 2008

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I never thought I would have said this about a guitar hero game but this game was a big waste of time. This game feels like activision and neversoft just tried to hard to live up to the guitar hero standard that harmonix set up for the game. There was just to many boring songs in this game and a hand full of good songs. Some of the good songs was the two boss battles of tom morello and slash. But lets go ahead and list the good.

The good things about this game
The guitar battling online {even though there is jackasses mostly on there that want people to play expert instead of the level they are on.}
Only a hand full of songs like rage against the machine, tenacious d, weezer, muse,satana,and the rolling stones was good the rest was stupid.

The bad
Just about everything else int he games that I didn't list. The songs get so freaking hard its like you have to have the hands of a robot to play. Even though majority of the songs aren't cover versions they feel like they have bad charting and don't have any feeling behind them. Hence even though I was playing on hard I was trying to fall asleep.
Another bad point is most of the list was ripped from rock band. Both rock band and gh3 had paranoid,cherub rock , sabotage, Mississippi queen,and a few others if I'm not wrong.

But all in all I am not a hard core rock band or harmonix freak. I just didn't find this game enjoy able. except for a hand full of songs and I feel they tried to rip off some of the rock band songs and failed. I mean the charting on the songs that the two games shard was way better on rock band than on guitar hero 3. playing guitar hero 3 versions of the songs they shared was like I said boring.

Guitar hero 3 just made me not want to play any future release from never soft and activision while they have the license on this game.

So thanks a lot activision and never soft for killing a good series you bastards why don't you go back to making skateboarding games and leave the rock to the professiona

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