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Amazing Game

posted by kdkiernan (TOPSFIELD, MA) Oct 28, 2007

Member since Oct 2007

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Rocker wannabes and air guitar virtuosos, this is your game.

It's hard to imagine that anyone that might be reading this hasn't already heard of or seen the PS2 game in action. Basically this is a rock guitar "simulator" for lack of a better explanation. While not nearly as complex as picking up and playing a real guitar, it is going to require some nimble fingers and a sense of rhythm. This game is not for the faint of heart of the chronically uncoordinated - you will be sorely disappointed if you find that you can't really progress through the game. I wouldn't recommend this game for most younger children (under 10), as they probably lack the manual dexterity to play with any degree of success. Since you only unlock songs by first completing a very small set of songs, you may feel cheated if you are not coordinated enough to soldier through the first 4-5 songs.

In this game, you use the special guitar-shaped controller (you can use a regular controller, but I can only imagine that it would be oodles harder than it already is if you did) to play along with a song. On the screen you see a scrolling guitar neck that displays "notes" that must be played at the correct time by holding down the correct fret button and strumming on the guitar's strum bar. As the difficulty increases, the number of notes in use increases from three to five and the combinations and chords become more difficult to hit as the tempo increases. There are special notes that appear occasionally which give you "star power" that allows you to perform special tricks that fire up the crowd and increase your score. As you complete enough of a bracket of five songs, the next bracket opens up and unlocks a new venue for your band. At the end of each song, you get a review and rating along with details of how many notes you hit and a breakdown of the sections of the song, so that you can go to practice mode and work on the sections of the song you did poorly on.

The game includes a Career mode where

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posted by uonroidz (JACK, AL) Mar 30, 2008

Member since Feb 2008

1 out of 2 gamers (50%) found this review helpful

This would be a better game if i had played it before gh3 or rock band but after those two it just seems weird. Overall just go play gh3 or rock band.

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Does Not Work With Rock Band Guitar!!!

posted by ApileOFree (SANTA ROSA, CA) Feb 1, 2008

Member since Dec 2006

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First of all I love all the guitar hero's on ps2 (sans the overpriced expansion pack rock the 80's), and Rock Band is good if you have a lot of friends over.

I rated this game poorly on xbox 360 for the fallowing reason, the Rock Band Guitar(Fender) does not work with guitar hero 2, (or 3 so I hear but I have not actually tried it nor will I) How lame is that? I know the game was made prior to Rock bands release but this is simple fix either in programing the new controller to accept Guitar hero software or by releasing a patch to guitar hero that recognizes the new controller.

Its a stupid sissy fight between the two game studios (sorry if Rock Band cut in on your turf dude). But why do we have to to suffer? Look they both have the same Simon says green, red, yellow, blue, orange keys and the controller recognizes the those colors logging into and setting up the game (press green key to go forward)but once the song starts no matter which button you push only the orange key is activated(I also tried switching keys into lefty mode).

What will be next? Will we have to buy a new controller for every version of CoD, or Halo?

My rating for Guitar Hero2 for Xbox 360 is a 1

Lame, Lame, Lame.

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