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More Content, More Songs, MORE ROCK!!

posted by Sleezebag (DELAWARE, OH) Mar 6, 2007

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Guitar Hero 2 has many songs, lots of content and tons of replay value. You have songs ranging from Freebird to Shout at the Devil. Though I must say that the songs in GH1 seemed to be ones that more people have heard like Iron man, Bark at the moon as well as more famous artists. That doesnt mean though that in GH2 theer arent famous artits or songs. Theres Montley Crue, Lynard Skynard, Guns and Roses and more. ALso this time around there is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa- aaaaaaaaaaaay more content and unlockable things. there are 40 career mode songs and then more bonus songs, more characters, there are 3 unlockable characters, Outfits for each character, many more guitars to buy and unlock, videos and more guitar finishes. Theer is just tons of stuff. And the really cool thing about the game is when ou have to do the encores if you do good on the last song of the set before you can pass the set. Its very cool the first and second and mabye third time but after awhile it gets kind of boring because you know whats going to happen. Graphics look the same and the controls and teh guitar are spot on.
OVERALL: 9.7/10 This is a game you should definitely get if you have the guitar. The solid songs, content and just full out rock is garenteed to be one of teh best games on the PS2 (and pretty soon on the 360) for years!

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Rent it? What're you nuts? BUY IT!

posted by Kashabo (MIDLAND, MI) Nov 7, 2006

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If you have the first game w/ the guitar controller, you don't need to rent Guitar Hero II from Gamefly. You must buy it. You shan't regret it ever. (If you don't have the guitar controller, there's no point in renting II either. Gamefly doesn't ship guitars.)

The second installment improves on the first Guitar Hero in nearly every aspect. The gameplay is just as insanely fun, and the creators have ramped up the difficulty with more complex songs and three-button chords. The visuals are slightly improved, the most notable difference being the better-rendered characters, with several newcomers joining the stable of rockers you can choose from. The song list is very much beefed up: A selection of 64 songs overshadows the first Guitar Hero's 47. And the quality of the songs? As good as or better than before. There's a practice mode, Co-op multiplayer....

You know what? Why are you still reading this? You should be off buying and playing Guitar Hero II. You'll thank me, even if your wrists start to develop carpal tunnel. Like mine have. Ouch. Rock and Roll.

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Rocking Your World Again

posted by blackhat (BEVERLY HILLS, CA) Nov 6, 2006

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The guitar hero series lives on in a truly awesome sequel. Guitar hero 2 brings sweet new ideas to the table, and still holds on to that same old GH spark. Not only is the song library totally amped up this time around, but you also get sweet new features like the practice mode, which lets you slow down songs to help you nail those nasty solos. In the long run, this is a game that you definately want in your library. Turn up the volume and get ready to rock again.

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