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A Comparison Of Games From This Series

posted by Spider (KANSAS CITY, MO) Mar 21, 2008

Member since May 2006

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I've decided it would really help if I described more than one Guitar Hero game in a review, so I've taken this game, Guitar Hero, and Guitar Hero 3 : Legends of Rock, and wrote what is like a review of all three.

First, this series is about the life of a rock n' roll guitarist playing old and new songs. This game is extremely frustrating with the Dualshock 2 controller, if I were you, I would only rent these games if I had access to a guitar controller or two. This is because in these games, colored dots come at you on the screen, and you have to strum the note and press the right button to get the note or chord. This is what makes it hard with the Dualshock, it doesn't have colored buttons. Now for Guitar Hero Encore : Rocks the 80's.

In Guitar Hero Encore : Rocks the 80's, you play along to songs like " I Wanna Rock " by Twisted Sister, " Round and Round " by Ratt, and the cover of " Ballroom Blitz " by Krokus ( originally played by Sweet ) . This game is shorter and has less bonus content than others of the series. This has the same characters as Guitar Hero 2, except with 80's makeovers. The graphics are just like Guitar Hero 2, and the venues are mostly the same. This game gets 8 out of 10. Next, with Guitar Hero.

In Guitar Hero, you can enjoy the best playlist of the series, with songs like " I Wanna Be Sedated " by The Ramones, " Iron Man " by Black Sabbath, and who can forget " Smoke on the Water " by Deep Purple. The major downside of this game is that you can't play on different difficulties in multiplayer like other games of the series. The graphics in this game aren't so great, a little cartoonish, but not as much as the almost scary characters in Guitar Hero 3 : Legends of Rock. The characters are mostly just like the ones in Guitar Hero 2. This one gets 9 out of 10.

In Guitar Hero 3 : Legends of Rock, you play along to songs like " Welcome to the Jungle " by Guns N' Roses. This one has the best multiplayer, though. 8 of 10. Read my review

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Harmonixs Guitar hero Farewell

posted by Youthrebel (XENIA, OH) Jul 23, 2007

Member since Jun 2004

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This is the last installment of guitar hero by the orignal creators at Harmonix. This one follows the style of GH2 but adds (as the title suggests) an 80s theme. From the music to the stage to the character design its a time warp back to 1980 and im lovin it. The songs are all classic and all covered well and the orignal tracks are amazing. This one is a little easier to play, most of the songs truely arent as difficult to play as the songs in GH2 but they are still enjoyable to play through. The closer you get to the end of the track list is where the more challenging and rockin tracks lay. And i must say they couldnt have chosen a better bonus song than Limmozeen that song rocks and its very interesting to play. All and all the game ranks a 10 along side GH2 despite of its realitvily easy difficulty.

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Above Average


posted by spitz01 (HUBERTUS, WI) Jul 25, 2007

Member since Aug 2006

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The game is still guitar hero so it's always going to be fun, but it all just seemed so rushed. They don't even have new sayings in the loading menus and they can't even think of a new saying before you play the last song. It's still the same "Are you sure you wanna rock with Play with Me?" just like they did Freebird. The game took only a couple hours to beet on expert and after thats its only multi-player and trying to better your own score..for yourself. The songs are fun but honestly it would've been better being a downloadable content only picking the songs you want so you can leave out the garbage that fills up the empty space in the track list. Not worth 40$ unless you really love 80's music and don't get bored with it. Definitely worth a rent though just to play some new songs.

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