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Guitar Hero: Aerosmith


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Guitar Hero : Aerosmith - The Worst Yet?

posted by Maestro93 (PALMDALE, CA) Jul 8, 2008

Member since Jun 2008

Ive always been a big fan of guitar hero, ive spent hours playing these games, and loving every minute of it. I was very excited about the newest guitar hero : GH:Aerosmith.. But when i finally got to play it, i was extremely dissapointed. With it's inferior graphics, gameplay, and song selection, GH:Aerosmith has to be the worst guitar hero yet. When i first popped in the game i immediately noticed the graphics, which, to say the least, could have been better. Us guitar hero players love a challenge.. GH:Aerosmith provided no challenge what so ever, being the easiest of the guitar hero games. I even get bored playing the game, because its so easy, which makes it less fun as the others. All of the guitar hero games have included some of the greatest songs ever, and there has always been a variety of genre so there is a little something for everyone. However, that is not the case for this particular guitar hero. Honestly, if you're not an Aerosmith fan, or even if you are, the game is not worth buying. Personally, I like Aerosmith, and I love guitar hero, but why do i dislike this game? Because both non-aerosmith and aerosmith songs aren't the best they could have chosen. Instead of having a 5 song setlist at a time like we are so very used to, for better or for worse, the creators decided to have an opening act for each 5, a couple songs which you must complete before you "Bring On Aerosmith", and finish the playlist with aerosmith songs. Honestly, the game could have been improved so much more, and i just hope that this game is not the downfall of Guitar Hero.

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It's ok, but I'm glad I rented it first!

posted by Anakin (GRAND TERRACE, CA) Jul 5, 2008

Member since Jun 2008

Being a huge fan of the Guitar Hero games, I was very excited to play this! But when I actually played it, I was pretty disappointed. I don't know what the non-Aerosmith songs have to do with the game at all, and I was really sad to learn that barely any of the songs that I knew were in the game(I consider myself a fan of theirs!). I was hoping for more of their really big hits, and the big songs they had most recently. The game is fun, and it's nice to have the guys up on stage, but I was very upset about the track list. Definitely rent it before you buy it! :)

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nice game

posted by DoomGuy (SAN DIEGO, CA) Jul 1, 2008

Member since Feb 2008

this game has everything cool music and stuff.i give it a 10

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